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Skin Care Basic

Hi everyone today we are going to talk about some of my skin care basic  for a healthy glowing problem free skin.

I remember neglecting  my skin care regimen in my early years .I use to research hard for that one magic medicine or a miracle that you apply on your face and you have it the perfect skin.

In my teens I had oily/combination(still do), acne prone skin.

My mom and dad both had acne so it kind of understandable why I had acne.
(which is  gradually stepping out of my life now.)

Watching YouTube truly gave me a better insight on how to take care of my skin. It also made me realize many things that I never knew.

Let’s put it this way that I “was” quite naïve.

Soon enough I was ready to begin my journey toward to find a my skin care basics that would suit me and give me a healthy glowing problem free skin:)

So here we go with the 4 basics things you need to do for a healthy looking skin and trust me when you start doing these steps you’ll see major difference in minimum 3 months ….which is not a lot to be honest.



Our delicate face goes through a lot the entire day, collecting all types of dirt, sweat, pollution, and many more particles which we can’t even see from the naked eye and that needs to be removed at the nighttime at all cost

Also as ladies we do have a habit to applying makeup on a regular bases which is not the best thing to do every day, but I know some of us just can't be without it darn it . So finding a facial cleanser that works for you  is very crucial to remove that entire gunk that is built on our face through the day.

Choose the right cleanser for your face and you’ll see a difference.

I don’t stick to one facial cleanser as I noticed that the skin tend to get used to the facial cleanser product and stop working so after my 1rst bottle finishes-that is in 3 to 4 months- I change the formulation of my cleanser.

In the start when I was discovering the new and different cleanser I did venture out of many brand but to me “Clean and Clear” always worked the best.:)
The one I started out with was  "Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser-OIL FREE".
 It can be a bit harsh for some of you sensitive girl out there,as it did cause me some tingly,and a burning cooling sensation in the beginning,but as days passed by my skin got use to it and I started seeing huge difference in my skin ;) in a good way.

Now I understand some days we have our lazy days where facial cleanser are a skip, if you have that night then try out Makeup wipes or Baby wipes -work wonders- better than sleeping with all make up on and having many germs crawling up in your skin causing a bad bad blemish which we want to ignore at all cost...

Some of the makeup/facial wipes that i have tried are :


2)Johnson's 3 IN 1 facial cleansing wipes
3)Johnson's baby skincare wipes

honestly all of three for me were the same but the Johnson & Johnson baby wipes are alot cheaper and you get like what 64 in them so

total steal.
So find whatever suits for you.


Exfoliation is the key to remove any dead skin that is not removed by your facial cleanser. Ever wonder why you have black head….well exfoliation actually helps to reduce black heads as it remove the dead skin ,dried up oil and dried sebum that is like skin wax-eeeeek…that just made me a grossed out thinking about it.

Exfoliation even improves evening out skin tone and reduces the appearance of scar over time.

But remember not to be too abrasive ,too much exfoliation can cause sensitive skin, and broken capillaries and you don't want that  …so take it slow and be gentle my sweet darling…..

The Exfoliation cream that I am a fan of it ST.IVE Apricot Scrub for Blemish &Blackhead control,

I found my skin getting even more better as I started using it.

My cheeks, chin and nose was so horrible before using this stuff as it used to look black all the time (so embarrassed to even to about that) even my father noticed it and use to ask my mom why it’s like that, but as gradually using the St.Ive Apricot Scrub my skin looked so much better/brighter and clearer I couldn't have asked for anything better and for the price it’s amazing…..

Some people do ay its too harsh for their skin as it has actually walnut granules but me being a rebel still can’t live without and still prefer to use it all the time when ever i want a good exfoliation.

Just incase if you find this too harsh use it with water it will make it better and use gentle hands :)

Apply the St.Ives Apricot Scrub with a gentle hand in the circular motions , use it once or twice a week.

*I use to do it every day as I had a lot of buildup but now twice a week is fine.*

And if you see some breakouts in the beginning do not panic it is bound to happen.

 So do not freak out.
 Just be persistence with the application and as I said before in 3 months you’ll see the change


Toner for me is a essential when it come to skin care . I firmly believe that facial cleanser, exfoliation open up your pores.
Toner come in handy in to getting deep in your pores where facial cleanser and exfoliation fails to reach.
Toner penetrate within the skin and kills all the bacteria which cause our skin to get blackheads and blemishes . OoOooO i feel so cruel and wicked huh… Killing all the bacteria.....heehahaha.....

Believe me when i dont use a toner for say 1 week i can really feel my skin acting up all weird-Not good.

Toners makes a huge difference and if I could choose one thing from all these skin care steps I would surely choose my toner, it is just that great

The toner that I am in love with and have used since like forever is “Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser-oil free"
I did tried to venture out and went for the -“Nivea visage young- toner-” for just a change cause I was bored with picking up the same toner and also I was sucked in with the cute packaging of this line.

I got their facial cleanser , exfoliater and toner and they didn’t do anything for my skin- if you have the perfect/nice skin it might work for you but for my problematic skin  it was a total disappointment.

So for me my best friend is my Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser- I love this stuff- Totally Recommend.


Now after stripping out all that oil/dirt/dust from your face you need to seal in your skin with good moisture that your skin need to revitalize and get back to it normal pH.

For dry skin you know how much your skin would be missing the moisture so put on your favorite moisturizer and you’ll be good to go. :)

But all you oily/combination skin girls you too need a moisturizer.I know you must be enjoying your skin all dried up with not oil whatsoever but here is the theroy that I go by that I have learnt through this time so here me up :)

Your skin job naturally is to produce oil ,when you suck up all that up oil -the cells within your skin feel that they are not working and they panic and we don't want them to panic because this causes them to create more oil , they speed up their process that is why when you wake up in the morning you feel your face like a oil slab and not dry like it felt at night.

So we have to make our cell relax and this we can do by applying a decent moisturizer.

When you apply your moisturizer your skin doesn't feel abnormal /dry and hence doesn't panic  and doesn't feel the need to produce any oil .

In the morning you would feel you skin all plump up and not super oily like a butter stick. 

Plus moisturizer has so many advantages you just can’t ignore :

1. Softens the skin, reducing dead skin cells build up

2. Smoother makeup application.
3. Light moisturizer hold up makeup much better.
4. Moisturizer with SPF reduce sun damage –prevention of wrinkles for a long time *till we can*

The moisturizer that I would I highly recommend would be EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

……Just try it, you'll love it :) 

I just apply this all over my face and neck and sleep with it and oh my in the morning you shall view the best glowing skin that you ever had.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer to apply before applying your make up application-try the  

St.Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer.
I have just started using it and till now I do enjoy it…….can’t give my full review on it just yet .Will surely do one soon. 

But trust me on the olive oil for nighttime.

Last but not the least tip for a healthy skin would be to  drink plenty of  water. Water replenish and cleanse  your body within…including your beautiful skin.

Try this skin care basic out and hopefully you will see the difference like I did.

Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful

Till then TC


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