Thursday, 22 November 2012

A note for my BRO…..

Today is your birthday bhai -HAPPY BIRTHDAY “ABBA KHAPPY” hehehe…..

When I was taking my bath I thought really hard that what could I give you on this birthday of yours. (you see it rhymes…hehe)

thought to myself that I can’t bake you a cake ,and i am SO glad that I made you one grand cake on your pervious birthday which you liked…J it made me real happy when you enjoyed it…… I was up with the moon..
But this year we are not together so I can’t do anything grand for you so I thought y not write you a letter and say all the thing I never said to you on your face as you are not emo…
and are very much of a insensitive person…haha
……hopefully u will read it and feel all my love that I have for you ……that is more than you love me…although daddy and ami say that your bhai loves you very much more than I do……J
 I wanted to thank you bhai…I really really wanted to thank you for being the person you are…..

1.   for being the best brother in the world
2.  for being my best friend-
3.  Laughing with me and on my silly jokes,
4.  for being my driver
5.  for being there whenever I needed you.
6.  Thank you for allowing me to study at FFUE……and mostly to get me there……get up at 4, get out at 5 reach there at 9:30 hahhaha
7.  for supporting me whenever I needed you-You are my “support system”
8.  for that Mac Donald Spicy mac Chicken Burger meal and Pizza Hut garlic bread while coming back from uni.
9.  Listening to my non-stop talk about everything indeed and not telling me to be quiet OR to tell me to talk sense
10.wrestling with me and make me strong like a iron.haha
11. letting me bug your or I may say my two adorable little kitty and football give them a kick from my side will you….….:)
12.for swimming with me in the beach……
13.letting me make fun of you even when ami daddy said not to
14.for being my “money man’-YOUR ARE ONLY MONEY FOR ME” hehe
15.for showing me all the awesome horror movies……
Thank you for looking after me and giving me the most amazing years of my life that I will always cherish throughout my life….
Hope to see you very soon….with lots of gifts for me hehe….
Hope you are having a blast on your birthday and soni baji is taking care of you……and tell the two badmash company to pull your hair out from my side…hahahha

May ALLAH bless you and fulfill all your wishes…..and grant you many many more blessed birthday and may our love for each other stay forever….

Hope you liked this letter of mine and whenever you remember me….you can just read this and feel me very close to you.
And I am posting this message here because I am trying to make this blog and I cant do anything without mentioning you in my blog …as you a very important part of my life……so….ya…that’s about it now ill go
Love you…


Take care…

Miss you toonsss 

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