Monday, 28 January 2013

The Ice Princess Nail Art +Nail of the Week

Glam Up your Nails with the Ice Princess Nail Art

This week post is a merger of a  Nail Tutorial +Nail of the week, I wanted to share my newest nail design with you all so here we go.

Its a pretty easy to do design for beginners and pretty stunning to look at .

Ice Princess Nail Art Final photo with the top coat

I was inspired by the name “Ice Princess” hence the title and it totally goes with winter season.If you are a glitter fan like I am becoming then you’ll enjoy this design too.

So without any further ado lets get started:)

1)      Start off with a nail base coat- 
"if you don’t you’ll up with stained hands like mine." bad bad experience:(

Medora Nail Polish Clear top coat

2)      Paint your nail with a nude baby pink /beige colour– I used Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER”  in beige #12 

Golden Rose PARIS nail lacquer

3 coats of Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer
3 coats

3)      Apply a thin layer of glitter polish

Glitter Polish
Left: Medora Nail Polish in 454
Right: Medora Nail Polish in 454 with nail polish remover in it
Glitter nail polish with acetone inside
1 coat of glitter nail polish with acetone applied on the nail
This is the Medora Nail Polish i n 454 with nail polish remover in it hence the griddy finish.

Medora glitter nail polish
A CLOSE UP ON THE Medore 454 -trying to show the sparkle

Glitter nail polish on the tips
This is without the nail polish remover:)

4)      Add tons of the the glitter polish on the tips… a messy way, it doesn't have to perfect-
Wait for the design to be set and then finish off with the clear top coat.
And you are DONE:)

Ice Princess Nail Art in daylight

Ice Princess Nail Art in sunlight
In Sunlight-trying to get the sparkle in a photo

Ice Princess Nail Art final photograph

Hope you all like this post and try it on.

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Any suggestions/constructive criticism are truly welcome and hopefully I can work on  them ….:) 

Till then 



  1. Lovely!!! It's me, xoloveleti :) Love your blog.

    1. Thank you so much ... i appreciate your support:)
      stay tune...for fun post real soon...hehe
      Take care


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