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Today product review is one those find for me at least that makes me goes “I would like to do a product review on this”

The "Palmer HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treatment"

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament packaging

When I first eyed this product I was on a hunt for hair treatment which would be a good hair leave in conditioner and a product which would kind of speed up the process of growing my hair out *although I knew that product do not make hair grow faster.

Here are some of mine hair basic detail so that you can compare this with yourself:
I have not too thin or thick hair they are right in the middle, they have a wave to them with the slightest curl mostly wavy.

Lets start with the product Review:

1)      Packaging- Comes in a nice good quality plastic container, sturdy and non-breakable…

2)      Amount you get – 100g NET WT 3.5oz

3)      Price-I got this from my local mart in UAE for 27.5/28 dhrm.

4)      What the Product Claim- Palmer’s Hair success Gro Treatment with Vitamin E PROTEIN coats and protects the hair shaft, prevents breakage and allows hair to grow longer. Conditions and moisturizes dry scalp."

5)      What it looks like? A peachy/milky orange color, in a cream form- when rubbed together turns in to oil and it has these minor little beads which you can feel and see sometimes when rubbed together but they dissolve in to the oil….

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament -what the inside looks like

6)      Smell? Horrible-and I can’t even describe the smell but it’s nothing close to fruits or flower-and I think that some of you would just not like this because of it smell…even though if you like this product this is one aspect that can put you OFF!

7)      How it is supposed to be applied- DAILY: apply a small amount to hair. Do not rinse
                                                WEEKLY: apply to clean hair.Wrap in hot towel or shower cap and                               leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse well.

8)      How I use it: Now this product is very thick and creamy so I don’t actually use is  on my scalp. I take a small amount rub it in my hand to spread the product evenly and start with my end and work my way up then whatever is left goes to my scalp.

9)      Amount you need- A little goes a very long way. You just don’t want to use too much of this as it can make your hair look greasy and 2nd to 3rd day looking and no one wants that.
The amount you see in the picture below is the good for my whole head 
(I have almost long hair almost there almost there…..getting to my goal hehe)
and if you need more you can just apply more.

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament  consistency

10)  Does the product do what it claims? This product did help my hair to grow - it may seem weird but it did.

didn't notice the difference at first but my hair shafts near the neck never use to grow (like baby hair –but on the back.) While using this product they grew to the level I notice, and this made me like this product.
Also the product makes my hair soft making them break less. And last but not least it revamps my hair bringing their shape back; defrizz the hair making them look polished with no extra effort.

11)  Things I don’t like about this product: You have to be very careful with Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment as it could make your hair look greasy (Don’t use it as a conditioner or a deep conditioner it won’t come of easily is you use too much)
The smell… ….I can’t describe the smell but it not pleasant or something you would like….at first to me it smelled like bitter almond ....but now I don’t it might smell like chemical but I am not sure,but whenever I use to put it it made me remind of bitter almond ekkk….

12)  Who would I recommend this to? Anyone with thin hair or medium thin hair….please stay away from this….it won’t work.

That’s all I have to say about The Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment …..

Hope you all found this review helpful I know it long but I wanted to share the things that I could think of.

If you have any question regarding this product please let me know and I’ll try to answer as best as I can ,or if you have any feedback please share  I really want to know your thoughts and if you have tried this product for yourself did it work for you or not what you take ???

Till then take care


Good Bye…


  1. Why you said stay away from this it won't work???? And u were saying it is good product .... Please tell me more about it i just bought it

    1. The product works on All hair types so please disregard the bullshit review above....I'm sure that person has millions of studies to prove her erroneous statement😂

  2. Hi there Dodi,
    Well i said i wont recommend this product for fine to thin hair ladies as it is a quite thick product and can result in oily hair and no one would want that. But i recommend it for overnight treatment which you can wash off the next day. Its moisturizing which result in less hair breakage and more hair growth. Not a bad product but just too oily.
    Hope this help

  3. So it's supposed to a creamy-from formula? I hope so as I don't like the wax products of Palmer's as they are sooo thick and make my hair so greasy. ps: my hair is thick,, not thin or medium

  4. So it's supposed to a creamy-from formula? I hope so as I don't like the wax products of Palmer's as they are sooo thick and make my hair so greasy. ps: my hair is thick,, not thin or medium

  5. So it's supposed to a creamy-from formula? I hope so as I don't like the wax products of Palmer's as they are sooo thick and make my hair so greasy. ps: my hair is thick,, not thin or medium

    1. Yes its a cream based formula - but you have to be careful with it as a little goes a long way and overdoing it can cause greasiness, which nobody likes :)
      Hope this helps.

  6. How long did it take before you noticed the difference in the length?

  7. Va applicato a capelli bagnati o secchi, in cute o solo nelle punte?

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