Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lets talk Make Up brushes shall we?!?!?!

In the beginning when I started watching beauty related YouTube Videos i was introduced to many wonders that I never knew of 

:skin care, foundation, concealer, bronzer, contouring, highlighting, eyebrows grooming
basically almost everything.

Things that I knew about: Baby Powder for skin yes I used baby powder to matte and get a good complexion, 
Blush, Lip liner, Lipstick/lip gloss and mascara.

So basically I was introduce to beauty new level and I was pleasantly amazed.

Another thing I was introduced to were…Makeup Brushes……and man you could find 1000s or more of “My Must Have Mac Brushes/Brushes videos on Youtube.

Back then -I clicked away all those must have videos and made an list of the brushes that I thought I NEED to have to get the best makeup application.

Then with that list I went to ‘MAC’ –so I just asked the girl to show me the
 Famous ‘ KABUKI BRUSH-182 brush’ ahhh how much I wanted that brush….:) for a beautiful powder foundation application ,I asked her the price– 
 its was 500 dirham….:0 what????? FIVE HUNDRERd FREAKING DIRHAM….I was shocked-
Thinking about it now I could seriously would have gone to a shopping spree with those 500 ……..

Anyway so I researched through the whole store jotted down the price range and went home… and never went back to purchase the brushes.

Thanks to my parents who could say no to any of my unnecessary wishes and say you don’t need it …..back then I was upset/angry and didn’t get why my parents were being like this- as girls even below my age had those HELL EXPENSIVE BRUSHES BUT I COULDN’T ughhhhhhhh …


You must be wondering why am I ranting over the brushes. RIGHT???

Well I tell you why now…..

I am writing my hearts out on this post to tell all the girls who think they need expensive brushes for good makeup application that and i want to tell them that 
                                                                'No you don’t need them as much you are think you do or as much as you are convinced you have to have them the reality is actually not ….
                                           Yes I won’t disagree that good quality makeup brushes do benefit you a lot but don’t break your heart if you can’t buy one or can’t afford one.

And work with what you got.

 If you can afford it then sure get it but if you don't then don't dwell on it like i did for few months actually                                                                                                  .GUILTY.
 I learnt my lesson and hopefully would have changed a little bit of your mind off the '
Ahhh so Amazing best brushes ever....

Hopefully .Finger crossed


Now my next post will be based on some of my less expensive brush collection and the brushes that i think are worth the try and worth for a shout out....

Hope you all enjoyed reading  this preetyy ranty post 
let me know your thought on makeup brushes .
What you think about the hype that surround the makeup brushes do you think that they are a must or....
agree with what i said??? 

As always you know i love reading your thoughts on the comments section so let me know....
i response back..hehe 

Till then take care 
Come back soon for more chit and chat.

Dont forget to


I WUV you all...


  1. Hahaha, I also feel like I need to buy every single make up brush out there and still can't afford them :S.

    It would be FABULOUS if you guys could check my blog out please? Would MAKE MY DAY!! :D xx

    1. Haaa....dont we all feel that......hope I influenced you in some way....hehehe in to not wanting ALL the type of brushes...lolss :)
      Please share this post....take care


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