Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Goal Every Month♥ Month 2 :) Drinking water

Heyllo there peeps how are you all doing ? and how is your new goal every month going? 
what is your plan for this month?

For me this month goal would be Drinking Water - We all know it, and we all have heard it how good water is for our health and everything in our body.

Skin, hair, nails you name the thing and water is good for it.

So for this Month my Goal is going to be consuming 8 glasses of Watorrrrr….hehe I mean WATER

Update on previous Goal.

my sleeping late night is gotten better the max I stay awake is 1 and after that is bed time….i am still working on to improve on it so ya…

Don’t forget to let me know how is your Goal going in the comment below….:)

Take care sweet buds…

You know it ....love you all..


  1. Wow! I find drinking half that a challenge!! Good Luck!

    I would LOVEEE IT if you guys would check my blog out? :D xx


    1. Gosh...Naheeda you crack me up girl....so start with 2 glasses of water-now that cant be hard hahah and work you way up....i say DO IT...and see the amazing change in your body...:) Let me know when you try it...:)


Thank you for reading dearies and leaving your sweet comments I appreciate them so so much :) ♥

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