Monday, 4 March 2013

TAG!!! Confession of a Blogger ♥

So the very lovely and sweet Hanzy from the blog blogging anymore) :( tag me to do this Confession of a Blogger Tag and I am so excited to jump right in to it, thanks Hanzy for tagging me and anyone who is reading check out her blog she does amazing beauty and fashion related post.

 Now off with my answers for the tag question hope you all enjoy ♥

When did you start your blog?
Saturday, 18 August, 2012 

Have you had any online presence before (Other blog, Youtube)
Actually yes I did. A few months back I started doing my university related blog -showing my inspiration and my creative dairy pages in relating to fashion designing but then I had to stop my studies so I shut down that blog

Why did you start a blog?
Out of boredom really, I had moved back to my motherland and I had nothing to do plus I always wanted to have a blog where I could share my thoughts, experience, and everything that I can share –say it they may be: reviews, nail art or whatever that interest me and that I think other may enjoy.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
Since day one! Although I started my blog out of boredom I have to say I was serious since the very beginning - & I know I might not post quite often but trust me I am trying to get there….. so please be with me till I reach to that level & I will love you extra extra moreJ.

What was your first post?
It was an intro to my blog-very cheesy and emo.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Taking photographs ……. single handed can be a bit difficult –it’s fine when I am taking nail art picture or product picture but I just can’t figure out how to take self-picture without the focus issue. But hopefully shall learn in the future finger crossed ;)

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Actually I expect a lot from my blog.
Here is the list if you wanna know hehe….:
♥ Get a good following of lovely devotees,
♥ Get some good reviews out + with latest products,
♥ Get creative with my posts,
Inspire people with different ideas,
Motivate & Spread out hope,
♥Get better quality pictures,
And maybe work with companies –ahhh that would be a Dream.♥

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The lovely and supporting comments….you have no idea when you guys comment on my post I always always do this little dance up and down ↕ like a celebration and it just electrify me in to doing another post as fast as I can. I just love it. Also getting followers it’s amazing to know that there are people who are interested in knowing what you are writing about. I like that very much.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I try to take things lightly so nothing to feel discourage about honestly I am very happy for now with my progress and hopefully it shall stay this way finger crossed.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?      
You people supporting me and commenting on my blog- means the whole wide world to me and also me achieving my ambition to reach out to people and connect with you all…..seriously so rewarding.

I'm tagging:

And you if you are reading this then you are TAGGED you pretty one….
So Do IT
…and if you let me know in the comment section I would love to read your answer.

Hope you all had fun getting to know me a little better and ill see you very very soon with a new post.

Till then Take care.

And if you are new ….follow my blog it would make me extra blush and happy. 


  1. Lovely post, I'll try to do the tag sometime soon when I get the chance!! :D xx

    1. Let me know when you do....thanks & take care:)

  2. Loved this hun ^_^



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