Thursday, 4 April 2013

Makeup Brushes Collection

In my previous post I said I will be doing my 
Makeup Brushes Collection” 
so here I am with my
Brush Collection and let me be clear its not HUGE...but its perfect for anyone who is wanting to start with their brushes collection

Total Picture of Makeup Brushes Collection

Some days later after my trip to M.A.C cosmetics I went to The Body Shop and browsed through their brushesThey were quarter/half the price of mac brushes but almost the same quality none the less- they were very soft and I decided to go for them and they were my birthday gift from my ami that is my mom… I was quite scared to be honest because I couldn’t find much reviews on the body shop brushes but I  just hoped that they would work out. 

I bought 2 brushes from there that I thought would be good for multi-tasking, and let me tell you they cost me 192 approx. dirham….I was a happy camper

btw The Body Shop is on sale right now….so if you want to try them…:) 

I got Face & Body Brushes for powder foundation, bronzer and  blusher & 
Eye Shadow Blending brushes are used for shadow application, crease work, and blending and  a soft outer V.

The Body Shop Brushes

I was a beginner so the two brushes were ideal for me to be honest and made me really think over that you don't need million brushes for each purpose and you can really multi-task. 

Now I am not going to sit here and say that I didn’t add anything to my collection

After 1 year of playing with these two brushes i wished to try out Sigma Beauty i entered the very lovely xteeener Sigma Contest of $100 gift card on Youtube  and somehow my luck was with me and i won. 

Yeppiii..... after many thoughts and evaluation I went for the:

E20 short shader brush for precise shadow application  
 F82 Round Kabuki Brush for my liquid foundation (i heard tremendous things about this brush and i truly think they are true if you can get this brush get it NOW!!!)

Sigma Makeup Brushes

For my eyebrows you would actually laugh but I use a flat paint brush and its work wonders….
and i use it to give a soft line to my upper and bottom lash line again multi tasking:)

Eyebrow Makeup Brush

Then for grooming my eyebrows I use any clean mascara brush and that is it for brows work.:)

Eyebrow taming ,mascara brush

I have a round small paint brush that I use for the inner corner of my eye and highlight on my brow bone 

Round pointed tip brush


That completes my brush collection ….
Simple and Sweet.

Hope you all liked this post and that's about it.....

Let me know what your must have brushes are or tell me about you Makeup Brushes Collection 
I AM interested:)

Till then take care







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