Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring and Summer Fashion Find: A Shoe to Share:)

Although I love me some fashion and beauty and all that jazz but I don’t shop like a crazy person -that is why I don’t end up doing hauls post L ….

……but i do like to shop for pieces that  I know I would value and get my use out from in the future
...i hate wasting product so….in a way you could say  i more of a saver than a spender…J

Anyway , I was out and about in search for a pair of shoe to go with my outfit for a wedding I had to go to.

Pakistani weddings are all about glam and I had nothing to match up to the par so I went on a shoe hunt -I was looking for a decent pair that would be practical even after the wedding and not something that I would never wear afterwards.

My first stop was to Stylo Shoes a pretty well-known brand in Pakistan.

Stylo Logo

And there these were the first piece really  that caught my eye and I got attracted right there.…
.it was in love at first sight….if you say....;)

Shoe Haul

Different angle picture of the shoe

Detail of the Shoe

Closeup picture on the detail of the shoe

Side view of the shoe

Shoe Detail

They are nothing that I have in my collection (not that I have a huge shoe collection) but you can say they are out of my comfort zone.
Add splash of color to any outfit,
 scream Spring and Summer ,
can be paired with anything and are absolutely gorgeous…… 

They costed me a total of Rs.1990 which is not a lot in my opinion for the detail that goes in the design I think I got them at a reasonable price.

This purchase was my happy purchase, wherever I see them they just make me smile……smile like a crazy person……

Do you have any of your purchase that make you smile like a crazy person or is that just me???

Thank you for reading my post….it makes my world go round and round…..

Leave you pretty comments down below….

And tell me do you like this one thing haul thing or any haul at all….or are they not your cup of tea..??

Leave your suggestion down below….I’ll be glad to get some tips from you guy to help me make my blog grow….:) 

Till then take care

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