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Review: Ebalay Styling Nail Color

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Today I bring you a Nail Polish Review on a brand that I have never heard of before but I am glad to discover it the- 'Ebalay Styling Nail Color' in the color 153. 

Since Spring I have been meaning to write this review but couldn't and now we are at Summer such a bummer haha that kind of rhymed didn't it ,but anyway I cant keep this in my system any longer so lets go.

In February when Valentine day was about to come I was searching for a pink/purple like pastel color nail polish.

After trying lots of nail polishes good thing about Pakistani market is that you can test out your products then purchase :D so when I tried out this color I was blown away......

The packaging of this polish is cute and sturdy , has a different shape to it - flat from the back and rounded from the front which I personally like it,its something different you know.

The amount of polish you get in the bottle is 15 ml /0.5 FL OZ. for the price of  Rs 50 which is hell hell hell cheap.

showing the packaging of the nail polish

Showing the back packaging of the nail polish bottle

It comes with a nice, sturdy brush more on the thicker side which i personally am a fan of as it get the job done faster 

Focusing on the brush of the polish

Close up of the Ebalay Styling Nail color brush

With one coat of Ebalay Styling Nail polish  you can see it give you this opaque bubblegum/pastel pink with no streak what so ever and it actually suit my skin tone and doesn't make my hand look muddy which most pinks and purple color tend to do  

1 coat of the the Ebalay Styling Nail Color
One Coat

To test out the Ebalay Styling Nail polish I then applied my second coat and man I was totally impressed sold over .

The shine you get with this nail polish is amazing.The opacity is remarkable on the bases on how cheap this polish costed me -I was not expecting this much payoff.

My nails with this nail color actually looks like as if I am wearing acrylic or gel which I  am totally not and that is what I really enjoyed with this nail polish.

2nd coat of the Ebalay Styling Nail Color
Second Coat without any Top Coat 

The another thing that i like is that the color you see in the packaging is the color you get i hate it when you get a color and then it seems to different when applied.

Drying Time :  1st coat dries in 5 min
2nd coat dries in 10 min.

Total drying time = 15 mins no more than that...:)

Lasting Day : For me personally it lasted for a total of 5 day meaning a whole week almost.

Now for the final verdict

Would I recommend Ebalay Styling Nail polishes ?? YES I totally would. It was a very nice and pleasant experience.

Now its your turn to tell me in the comment below have you ever heard or tried this Brand out and if you have how was your experience?

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PS. Also I used this nail polish for my base for the nail art tutorial that I did on the Valentine day have a look on it here :

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