Saturday, 8 June 2013

DIY: Brush Holder

For all you DIY Junkies this post is for you my darlings.

The thing with me is that when ever I see something that is utterly useless and is ready to thrown out the window I try to use all my brain capacity to utilize the useless thing  in to something that could be used for many different thing and  look darling and we are kind of recycling too so that is a bonus.

In today post I'll be showing you on how to make your own Brush Holder may that be Makeup brushes or whatever kind of brushes you need to store you can even store your color pencils.....
the choice is totally yours I made this to store my Spoons and Forks but you can really use it in anyway as you wish.

So if you are interested in seeing how I created this

Brush Holder 

Do it Yourself Red and Black combination Makeup Brush Holder

Then please continue down and I'll show you How.....:)

Things you'll need:

1) Empty Jar

2) Tissue Paper

3) PVA Glue

4) Water (little bit )

5) Black Acrylic paint

6) Red spray paint

7) Grey/Silver bead -for decoration 


1) Get your Empty jar ready......get it clean and dry.
Ready to be used.

Plain transparent Plastic jar

2) Get the PVA glue and paint it over to the bottom half part of the jar.

Plain Plastic Jar with PVA glue applied on the bottom on the jar

3) Now grab your tissue paper and apply messily creating texture through out the jar 
+ get your PVA mixed in with a little bit of water and apply all around the tissue that is wrapped around the jar, the water will help you create more texture to your tissue . 

Also create a 'C' or a spiral like shape to give the jar a focal point and it look different and pretty.

Plain plastic jar with tissue applied on the bottom

Applying water and PVA mixture to shape the tissue and make a design

Let the PVA glue and water dry. 

4) Now when your PVA glue,water is all dried up and your tissue is hard and solid paint the bottom part in Black Acrylic Paint.

Apply black paint to the design created with tissue

5) Spray Paint your jar inside with a Red color 

Spray red paint inside of jar

Incomplete jar but on the way to be complete-DIY
What the outside would look like, after the red spray paint.

6) Spray the outside of the jar keeping some distance from the Jar this adds dimension to the design and also hide some imperfection of the jar if you have any. 

Also spray the bottom of the jar with the same red color.

Applying red spray paint to the outside of the jar from far away

7) Now is decorating TIME!!!

Get your medium size dark grey beads ready and apply them sporadically .
 I used the same PVA glue to get them attach to the tissue and it works wonder.

Applying stone to decorate the Jar

And there you have it.....

Your own fancy ,delicate looking Makeup Brushes Holder 

Picture of the finished makeup brush holder

Close up of the DIY Makeup Brush Holder
Close Up On the Detail.

That is all.

Hope you all liked this DIY Brush holder and try it out for yourself.....

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Love you all

Till then....

Take care and I'll see you on the 15-June-2013 there-committing myself to date  ehhh now me scared....

Oh well wish me luck...


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