Saturday, 29 June 2013

Follow VIA Bloglovin ♥

Hey you all how are you doing? Liked my previous post? Hope you did I had fun doing it. 
& If forbid you haven't hehehehe checked it out yet then you can see it right here.

This post is on the topic that is roaming around the web and which i am scared for that -Google Friend Connect is shutting i am not 100% sure about this new so don't count on me and panic but if this is true then its horrible.

I know that so many of you who follow me through GFC and it kills me that you wont be able to catch up on my post after 1rst of July because I will disappear from your blogging list :(

Now if you don't want me to disappear from your life then I would like to request you all to please follow me through the lovely Bloglovin as I do have a account there and all you need to do is go to my blog and click on the button which say
"Follow this blog with bloglovin" 
its that simple!

I hope to see you all in the future too, supporting my channel like you are today and letting my small blog grow into a enormous healthy loving place ♥ 

Till then take care you all....
Love you Tons & Tons....

and sorry if this was too long and boring for you:)

Dont forget to 


That is all Bye you guys 
Take care.

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