Friday, 26 July 2013

Nail Art : #Bloggers Do Theme: Nautical Inspired

Heyllo everyone

How are you all doing today, Fabulous I knew it :) 

This month the very amazing  started a interesting new challenge  ie #BloggersDoTheme in which the blogger do a post every month on the particular theme and you can do anything related to that may it be Beauty, Fashion , DIYs , Nail Art, whatever your heart desire......

This month theme was *Nautical

Bloggers Do Theme

So as you might have guess being the Nail Art Junkie I am why not do a Nautical inspired easy to do Nail art....

Let's do this then.....

Things you will need for this Nautical Inspired Nail Art are:

1) White Nail Polish

2)Red Nail Polish

3)Silver Nail Polish


5) Toothpick or a pen for a better control....


Paint your Pinky finger and Thumb with White Nail Polish .

Paint your Ring finger and Pointer finger with the Red Nail Polish.

Paint your Middle finger with Silver Nail Polish.

Nautical Nail Art

Create your pretty neat Anchor on the Middle finger with a tooth pick with the Red Nail Polish.

Nautical Nail Art

For you Ring finger and Pointer Finger create small White dots with your toothpick or pen.

Nautical Nail Art

Get ready with your handy tape...i know i know you might think i am the crazy tape lady but seriously tape is the most handy tool in nail art its amazing how it can help you to create with different variation of designs. 

Now for the Pinky finger and the Thumb tape the bottom of your nail and the top part of nail near the cuticle, leaving the middle section. Paint the middle section of the nails with Red Nail Polish and then peel off the tape.

Nautical Nail Art

Clean off the edges with a cotton swab.

Finish off with the top coat and here you have a Nautical Inspired Nail Art Design.

Nautical Nail Art Final Look

#Bloggers Do Theme:Nautical Nail Art final look

Hope you had fun watching me create this Nautical Mani and give it a go for yourself....

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