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DIY: Fancy Recycle Storage Bowl

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Mine is pretty pathetic sad face -but lets just finish off that right now- I don't want to drag you and seriously I don't want to continue with this mood so let's get in the cheery and create this easy and fun to do
 DIY recycle Storage Bowl or A Fancy recycle Decoration Piece
if you will project.
 I use this for storage purposes so I would label this as a Storage Bowl.

Recycled Storage Bowl Final Picture

Looks lovely doesn't it ?

Who could even imagine that this was made from fruits seed that we usually dispose off.

Want to know how to create this yourself then let's begin.

For this storage bowl we will be dealing with the: 

1-Fruit seeds you would like to use seeds that are large in size I particularly am using the seeds of-
 Loquat fruit the seed which inspired me with this DIY

2-a plain plastics bowl ,


4-hand dandy PVA glue-I just cant work without it ;) 


5- Paint preferably Black paint and Gold ink Paint.

Now off with the Process My Darling: 

Start with a clean base-Clean Plastic Bowl 

Plastic Bowl for DIY

Shred your newspaper ...into fairly large pieces and glue them on your plastic bowl (inside and out ) , this will give you a nice base to stick your seed on.

Newspaper shreds

Sticking the newspaper to the plastic bowl

Outside finish product with newspaper

Finished product inside with newspaper

To lay the newspaper lay flat on the plastic bowl you can even get some water and mix it with PVA glue like I did in this DIY project and cover your newspaper with the mixture.

Now start sticking your seeds around the edge of your bowl tightly in a row leaving no space .

Sticking seeds on the edge of the bowl

On the lower part of your bowl stick the seeds in a scattered form.

Seed on the bowl in scattered form

P.S -if you prefer you may paint you bowl first with the black paint- it would be easier.

Start painting the inside of your bowl and the outside with black paint -carefully- you don't want to cover your seeds in black paint. 
I really appreciate the brown tone of the seed which why I chose the color black

Painting the newspaper to black

After you are done with your careful painting now is the time to apply some more on the outside of the bowl if you havnt applied many of them, I was a bit careful at the first but then I felt that more seed would look better/great . So if you feel the same apply more on the outside .

Sticking more seed outside the bowl
Sorry for a bad quality picture-It was night time and lightening at my home is not all that great :(

Now for the inside of my bowl I tried to give an effect of the seeds falling down in the bowl, giving the bowl more character

Applying seeds on the inside of the bowl

Now get ready with your Gold Ink Paint and with your finger tip apply sparingly on the seed just to give a different light to the beautiful seed and add some more dimension.

Acrylic Gold Ink Paint

Close up on the seed painted gold sparingly
A close up on the paint on the seed. 

And after this step off you go...
I present you the Finish product your own recycled Fancy Storage Bowl.

Final Picture -Storage Bowl

Side View of the Storage Bowl

Hope you all have fun re-creating this DIY 

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Another thought of the day is that - I am thinking to start this new thing where at the end i would ask you a question may it be on anything and I would love if you lovelies would like to answer me 
I thought it would be nice to interact with you all and get to know you a bit better ....:) 

So Question of the Post would be .......

What kind of weather you are a fan of ? 

I love rainy, chilly weather and actually today is the best weather outside of what I like , which made me come up with this question.
Also I always wonder what other people around the world favorite weather would be so let me know in the comment down below and get some chatter started.

Thanks for reading. 

Much Love .

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