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DIY: From Broken Glass to a Make Up Brush Storage:)


A Broken Glass can never be fun ....Am i not right ? But a DIY is always Fun hehee
So let transform a broken sad glass into your own Make-up Brushes storage?

Easy to do Make Up Brush Holder 
from a Broken Glass that you were about to throw but not now....

Let's start then:) shall we?!?!

For this Project you will need:

Broken Glass In which you use to drink
Water :(

Broken Glass

PVA glue  &  Tissue Paper

PVA glue and Tissue

And Paint :

1.Ink:  In the red tone ,also in gold tone

2. Acrylic Paint: Red/Black

Let's start with the Process:

Apply thin coats of your PVA glue on to your glass in small section.

applying PVA glue to the glass

In small portion start applying tissue to the PVA glue in a messy /wrinkle way,this will add texture to your surface which we need. 

Apply tissue paper on to the glass

Get yourself a half a cup of water and add PVA glue in it and mix well .
After mixing apply the solution to your tissue to lay the excess to the surface and to seal in everything together so it doesn't rip off afterwards.

PVA glue and Water

PVA glue and water mixture applied to the tissue paper

To cover the sharp edges of your glass apply PVA glue in a heavy form to seal in any sharp point that might be dangerous .

The PVA will conceal the edges perfectly.

After the glass is covered wih tissue paper

Wait till the whole thing is dry.

 Now off with painting.....yeppie ...

For the base color I opted for the Ink in this reddish/pinkish tone.

Painting on to the Glass

After the glass is painted

After the ink dries  I started applying red acrylic paint to the glass to add more dimension to the piece.

Layering Red paint on to the glass

And for the final touches apply gold paint/ ink to the bumpy part of my glass to emphasis the  different dimension create with the tissue paper , you can do this step with your pretty finger my dear:)

Applying Gold paint to the red paint

So here is the finish result with the Red.

Finished Product

Finished Product

For my taste I like my things in black so i am going to change this in black  so if you are not liking  this style then please continue

Take out your black acrylic paint and paint the whole thing .

Painting the glass in black

Wait for the paint to dry and then with the gold color paint on to the bumps on the glass that we created with the tissue paper

Painting on the gold to add dimension

And here you have it my friends

Broken Glass to a Makeup Brush Storage Finished Product

Broken Glass to a Makeup Brush Storage Final Product photo

The thing I like about this style is that as the inside is red its adds color to the piece and then the outside adds glamour which i personally am a fan of.

 That is it for this DIY you all ,I really hope you all enjoyed this easy to do project and find it helpful
on how to re-use your Broken glasses into your own handmade Brush Storage

As always let me know what you think about this post and leave me suggestion :)
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Take care till then my lovelies...

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  1. Wow!!! I like your creativity.It is really very good idea to use the broken glass. I will try it also.

    Tropic isle jamaican black castor oil

    1. Zelna....thank you so much for the comment :) I am glad you will try it out and hopefully love your makeup holder as much as i do :)
      Cheap but effective..hehe...
      Dont forget to come back for post from me and i hope you will love them all:)


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