Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nail Art: Inspired by EID ♥

Another Nail Art Post ?!?! Yes! Seriously I am starting to think that I should have started my blog up just on the Nail Art Design, its crazy how much nail related things are occurring in my mind nowadays its cray cray....but as many of you enjoy my nail art design why not share another design that I came up with inspired by the EID.

When I think of Eid hot hot orangy red nail polish always comes up in my mind hand ,with henna applied and the red nail polish its just fascinate me so so much but for my my lovely blog and its lovely followers i thought do something different for this time even though I will be surely rocking my red fingertips  I still think many of you will  will fancy this design.

I won't be showing a step by step process in this nail art as you will see that the nail design is pretty self explanatory-this post is just sharing an idea and hopefully some of you will like it.

Basically for this nail art I used my handy dandy tape and placed it on the nail base in alternative position...creating slanted french silver tips pretty standard design but with some twist and gives the nails different direction and angles.

For this nail art you don't need to be precise on where you position the tape as long as you have a slant, it is truly A-Ok! set it off with a top coat for a glossy shine and you are good to go.

If you fancy you could had some stone to this nail art and make it more interesting , but for me I liked the simplicity.

Eid Nail Art Design

That is all you guys let me know if you liked this design and if you try this nail art don't forget to share it with

Comment down below with any reccomendation you want to see from me and I'll be glad to work on them

Till then  Lots of Love



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