Friday, 23 August 2013

Review: Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee

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Today I am here to review  the Garnier Color Natural in 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee.

Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee box picture

 I got the Review: Garnier Color Natural hair dye a while ago to change my look up for the summer and while I was about to try this product out I thought to myself it would be great to share my thoughts  on this permanent hair dye with you guys , so if you are interested in changing your look and are thinking to the Garnier color natural then keep on reading. 

For the dark heads girls it's pretty hard to get hair dyed or at least I think and personally getting my head  professionally done and letting the lady stripe out my natural color and do all the thing hair salon people do just scare me so for me the safe way was to go for  the box dye and Garnier Color Natural dye was my pick, i know i know many people say it's not good for your head but its not scary sound wise .

Although I have heard crazy hair disaster stories about the box dye, I was still brave enough to experiment anyway or desperate you may say -I seriously needed to change up my look and if you follow me on twitter  will you know how much I wanted to chop  my hair short short but to banish that thought- dying my hair was my route and on plus side I get the chance to review this for you all and if I had a bad experience you all get to know and be a little careful.

For the summertime I wanted to go for something similar to my natural hair color but lighter so I went for the Garnier Color Natural in the Color 5 1/2 -creamy coffee.

 Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee closeup

I should mention it was just the perfect color for my liking and what I was looking for and the Garnier team member chose a pretty good name,I just have to say.

I have pretty long hair but for me one box was just about right. My mother helped me to apply this so I would not end up with patchy hair color and get  a even coverage as much as possible. 

If you have thick hair you would want to get two packs of these to make sure to get your whole head covered. I have medium hair to slight thin hair so one box was good enough.

Also personally I don't like my whole head in just one solid color and like my own hair color to peek through so I get dimension to the hair but you can see in the pictures below a pretty good coverage and outcome. My hair definitely looks lighter and very accurate to what the box tell the color would come out like, which I am pleasantly surprise about .

The good thing about the Garnier Color Natural hair dye was that it didn't  leave my hair dry or brittle or rough, and my hair felt quite smooth and softer looking afterwards. Also if you get this on your skin and remove it after the very minute it won't stain your skin so that is also a plus point.

Things you are provided in the box are:

1 applicator bottle of Developer Milk, 

1 tube of Nourishing Color Cream ,

1 sachet of Nourishing After Color Conditioner,

1 pair of gloves, -Use that things do get messy 

1 instruction leaflet- read this it important so that you know what and how to do it and don't get confused .

I left the the hair dye for about 45 minutes just to make sure, but you go with what you feel is right for your hair type and read the leaflet they do advice how much time you need to let the dye take affects . I first rinse my head with water gave a nice massage as said on the leaflet for few mins/seconds washed off the dye and then applied the conditioner , you are not suppose to wash you hair with the shampoo so I didn't . The conditioner actually makes your hair softer and silky feeling which who doesn't love.

Now for the before and after I tried to take as many snapshot at every different angel- I could with my camera in the natural daylight so you all can have a good look on my new hair and old hair so that you can see for yourself the difference and all that jazz.


Before hair picture

Before Hair picture

Before hair picture


close up
The box result picture so you can compare easily :)

In Daylight

After- result-closeup

Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee-result picture

 Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee in sunlight -Result
In the Sunlight 

All in all I would surely pick the Garnier Hair Color Natural when I am in the need to change my hair-do again.

Thank God it was a good experience or else it would have not been good look .. :-D.

So this time Question of the Post will be that have you tried Garnier Dyes or anything from Garnier  line before? how was your experience?
Share it with me and my readers in the comment below I would love to know your opinion 
do you like my new hair color? or do you like my natural locks:) 

Talk to me....till then I will be seeing you pretties very very soon.
And if you have question that I was not able to answer ask me up I would love to help:) 

Lots of kisses 


Thank you for reading dearies and leaving your sweet comments I appreciate them so so much :) ♥

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