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Review: Prestige Cosmetics- Classic Kohl Eyeliner

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Today your truly ASQ present you an eyeliner review from the wonderful brand
Prestige Cosmetics.

I personally miss those days when I use just buy any makeup without even researching over it and then discovering it whether it would work or would my money go in the dump. hehe...Those were the truly charming days. Joke.

The Prestige ' Classic Kohl Eyeliner'- in Midnight

This eyeliner caught my eye while I was searching for a eyeliner ,the beautiful color got me so tempted that I just went for it and got it for myself and now we are here with a review for you all.

Sorry for the rubbed off/horrible packaging have had this for a pretty decent time now:)

I love the look of a strong black eyeliner unfortunately it just doesn't suit me or my eye shape :(.
For now I trying my very best to expand my horizon and try different types of application ,tricks and methods to see what suits me.
 I got this color as it's not as harsh like a black liner would be and its add a pop of color to any eye look.
At the time blue was the IN color so why not experiment with this pretty  midnight blue:).

What the product Claims:

Glides on smoothly. 
No tugging or pulling.
Easy one Stroke Application.

Let's start with the:

Pros :)

Opacity of this eyeliner is Amaze ball- true to its color.
The pencil glides on beautifully and doesn't tug or pull on the eyes.
The liner is very creamy & soft hence easy to apply and gives a smooth application.

FUNFACT : This product was so so creamy that it also melted in the hot weather poor baby.hehe 

Anyway the product does what it say and is very true to its claims, which I was truly happy about.

As this was my first eyeliner I was a little worried on how will the whole process will be like but seriously it was a breeze and no problem at all.
 Good 1st time application experience .

the Cons :(

Its smudges like crazy and has no staying power :( 

WHY Oh WHY....

You apply this eyeliner on and the first time you blink BAM it smears, smudges and gets everywhere -
 Even if you wait for it to stay put and don't blink it still doesn't stay put. 

I do have hooded /oily lid and that may be the case for it to cause the smudging
 but even when I prime my eyelids -
powder them down
it still moves which to be honest is quite annoying as it is a EYELINER so it should have some staying power but nope not with this one.

Which is such a shame as it such darn beautiful color.

I know you all must be saying that it might be also because I live in an extremely hot humid place-but still this is no excuse.
In my Opinion.
Am I being too harsh ? I don't know- but I am being honest :)

Secondly if you do manage to wear this throughout the day it collects in the inner corner of the eye. 
& Last time I remember- lighten glowing inner corner were IN not dark boogery inner corner :(


May vary on where you live ,I seriously don't remember how much I got this for its pretty old as you see from the packaging . :D.  

Final Verdict:

Beautiful color,
True Navy Midnight Blue,
 Lovely application.

The staying power just kills it all I really wish that this would have worked for me as it's so so easy to apply- but in the end if it would smudge then why even apply it.


This completes the review my friends. Hope you found this review helpful.

Tell me have you tried the Prestige- Classic Kohl Eyeliner? 
What were your experience?
Same like me or did it work out for you? If it did let me surely know :) 

I am off now. 

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  1. I haven't tried any liners from Prestige before but I was really excited when I first saw the swatch photos! The color is absolutely gorgeous! Shame that it melts and smudges like crazy :( You should try out the NYX liners, they have pretty good staying power! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Hahahah got you too excited didn't I hehe....:) Yes its a beautiful color :( really saddened by how much it smudges....Maybe one day I'll make it work with some magic power :D But for now its a fail.
      Will surely try NYX liner i have heard good thing about them too:)

      Thanks for the comment pretty lady :D

  2. Aww, that sucks about the staying power. The shade looks so lovely, that a real shame! xx

    1. Thanks for Stopping by Fernanda....and leaving a comment.
      I know such a beautiful color and no staying power. Quite a shame....I wish it would have worked. i would have rocked this everyday anyday :)

  3. The color is absolutely gorgeous

    1. It sad it smugdes pretty badly :( but lovely color ...ehhee


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