Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Start Off Project Introduction #theSOproject

Just few days ago I saw Beth my fellow blogger tweeting about #theSOproject and she was so excited about this project and got me thinking and eager as to what was this SOproject all about . Through her I came to know the very lovely Stephanie -her blog 'Steph's Inside Voice' and her very clever idea of the 'Start Off Project.' 

The basic aim of this project is to reach out to younger teens and/or to those who are deciding to start and go to route of make up and explore the beauty in this beauty industry hehehe  . & We all beauty blogger will be giving them advice and helping them along the way with their beauty adventure and sharing our experiences- good or bad/funny ,all kind of matter and our tips and trick along the way. 

This project would last for 10 weeks- each week we will discuss a specific area i.e skincare,concealer,foundation, blush and etc ....and each of us blogger involved would post our blog post right together at 6 pm (UK time)

Now I am newbie at the makeup but I have tried some amount of makeup and what not  to take part in this project and spice my blog up and share my experience.

The good thing about this project is that if you are not into one category you can skip that week and no pressure will be on you.....

So are you interested in this project ?

Then contact Steph through her twitter or email her at before 25th of August 2013 and get yourself in this amazing project.

Comment down below if you are participating in this project so that I and my fellow follower could follow you up and all that jazz....

Till then see you very very soon with something new to share with you all :)

Love you all to pieces ...

Thank you :) for supporting wonderland

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