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Day 6: Review -MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot

Rubenesque Paint-Pot in creative cover

Its review TIME 
and this is a review that I was literally waiting to do for so so long, but just couldn't get myself to sit down and write it but today as I am on a blogging block RIGHT NOW reason:(sick sick sick ):I thought why not just push my self to write a review on
 MAC Rubenesque Paint-Pot. 

While I was writing this before I still had  my picture to be edited  but first I want to jot my thoughts down then we can edited this prettiness.:) and get it up:)

Let's just hop right in to this shall we!?! 

When I saw MAC, Rubenesque Paint-Pot in AllthatGlitter21 YouTube beauty guru video-
 I was awe by this product prettiness ahhh soo beautiful seriously.
* I seriously think I was looking like a zombie when I saw this hehe.....*
and this was then included to my must have product list. 

So yes I did get it and today I will be adding another review to this product name :D

Let just first look at the packaging glory this product provide then we will continue with the chatter :D

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot Packaging photo

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot label

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot product picture

Now -What are paint pots, you ask me ? 

I have heard that Paint pots are suppose to be used as a cream eye shadow base that pop your
 eye shadow and  reduce eye shadow from creasing . 

MAC Rubenesque Paint-Pot is this pretty gold pink tone color with tinsy winsey glimmer like sheen , 
 when I look at it to me its purely a rose gold color - ROSEGOLD! 
who doesn't love rose gold I surely do  .:) 

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot swatches pictures

So while looking at Rubenesque I thought to myself in the head 'wow I would love this color to be my eye shadow base'- I love spark just in case you didn't know
Rubenesque seemed so pretty to be worn on it own, so why not get this multi-purpose product which:

1)Pop your eye shadow color
2) Prevent eye shadow from creasing
3) can be worn on it own 
4) Is so so so prettyyyyy-so prettyyy

MUST HAVE FOR ME full stop THE END ....

no not to my review but for me to stop asking myself if I need this and get it right away.

Like any MAC product it took me over 4/5 year to get this product I know MAC is expensive for me :( but anyho...the time and my pateince really shows how much I wanted this product that I remembered it for 4 + years .that say something.

My experience with  MAC, Rubenesque Paint-Pot;
Application,Staying Power, Overview on product  

Rubenesque Paint-Pot is absolutely gorgeous color and looks beautiful applied in anyway,
on it own paired or with any other color.
It does enhance the eye-shadow that is applied over it and provide a pretty sheen and shine to your look. 
Brighten up the eye and give you that awake look.
Beautiful for the whole year around.

The application for this is a bit troublesome for me at least I know so many people say that you can just throw this on to your eye and not to worry about it ,but for me this looks patchy, if not applied and  blended out correctly :( .
Whenever I apply this in a quick hurry it always comes out looking a bit splotchy ,patchy uneven :(.
 So I wouldn't suggest that if you are running out of time you can just throw this on your lids,
tried it once for myself and it wasn't looking effortless :( 

Best way to apply this with you pretty little finger this way you very little product goes a long way.

Staying and creasing power; I have pretty oily eyelids and I live in a pretty hot climate :( so this does crease on me, so if you have similary oily lids like mine and are looking for this to be applied as a eye shadow base like a eye shadow primer to prevent creasing this might not do the trick and I have read other oily chickas saying that this *so its not just me on this point that find this creasing .*

But if you are combo to dry skin ladies give this a try it would most probably work as when I apply 
Rubenesque to my hand to test out and swatch this doesn't move at all and also even tho I have oily lids this does last me for minimum 3 to 4 hours so it should last you all with non super oily lids.

My Final Verdict :

I like -MAC  Rubenesque Paint-Pot, I love the color (as you can see that through this post ),
 I like the glimmer it provide my eye with and love the finish look I achieve with this product.
It makes everything very glam looking :)

The part I regret about this product is that it doesn't work as a eye shadow primer for me :( -
 doesn't stop my eye shadow creasing through out the night.

Also I am not a big application fan ,maybe as time goes by I will get use to and understand a better way of applying this but for now, I don't use this for my effortless hurry up getting late look. :D

Now would I recommend this product ? 

Yes, I would recommend this and you know why :).
I would love to try out other color from the Paint pot selection but on the neutral earth tones and see they crease or not.

On a whole I am happy to add this to my collection and if you are also wondering if you should have this in your collection then I say go for it,
 it a beautiful color and as I said before glam up any ordinary look.

And this sums up Day 6 blog post for the Blog your socks off September .
Tell me am I doing good?

I hope you are enjoying me writing everyday....what a change for my blog right....

Hoping to go strong everyday and hoping that you are enjoying these as much as I am having fun writing these.

Please don't forget to leave me a comment I love hearing from you guys make me smile all the freaking tine &
- if you have some recommendation what my next post should be on please let me know I'll be happy to get them done for you :) 

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Love you all



  1. I've never really wanted any of the MAC Paint Pots as the Maybelline Color Tattoos works wonders for me. But this color is really stinkin pretty!

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Ohhh yess ....Maybelline Color Tattoos do seem alot similar and one day i will surely try them out but I just love this color so so much...that I had to include it in my blog :) xx

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