Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 8 : Ten Deadly Sin Tag -Beauty Edition

Heyllo everyone, how are you all doing today ? 

Yes, today is a Confession Day-
Confession of my deadly beauty sin/Habit that are done by yours truly-thanks to my lazy/carefree or you may say careless attitude which kick in  quite often . 
So I thought to myself why not share it with you pretty butterflies and see if maybe you fall in these acts too or is it just me being totally lazy .

Let's start with this then:

1) Not cleansing my face at Nigh time.

Ekkkkk I know I know,  the worst thing I am doing to my skin right now and my skin is actually crying most of the times nowadays but seriously I get so caught up with the blogging thing and other thing in life that I just don't get the chance to pamper my skin like I use to .
 Also it may be the reason that I don't wear makeup at all these days so I just feel the need to wash my face anyway ....which I know is horrible because I am still surrounded with pollution- This sound even worse in writing form. :0.
Oh well hopefully when I get a new home the environment somehow help me get in my night-time routine .

2)Picking at my acne pimples

I don't think I need to elaborate on this but whenever I see the little bugger on my face I just can't help myself to get it off- resulting in acne scar :( 
How cruel CAN I be to my cruel so cruel.    

3)Not sleeping on time 

If you follow me on twitter, which you should cause I am really fun to talk to :)
 so- yes if you do follow me on there you know I am a night owl and I can be awake till the very morning....horrible!!! resulting dark eye circle :0 that I can even see them NOW more and if you want you can see them right in my Starting Off -Concealer post .
Yes thank god my concealer helps me hide them but why not sleep early Amna and not deal with having them covered up?!?

4) Not drinking enough water

Many month ago I started this small Goal Series that kind of went down the drain due to my laziness:(  but in that series I started a Water Goal Challenge yes you guessed it I didn't go through with it :( ,
I still struggle with drinking water in a nice quantity- which sound so simple right? not that simple to do! 

5) Rubbing my eyes.

Itchy eyes we all get them, 
but some of us are ready to poke our eye out and create major eye wrinkle I am One of those people it a major bad habit.

6)Touching my face.

This is so funny as I am doing this right now while writing this post - 
touch my face all the freaking time.I know its bad but I still touch my face out of habits  never ever knew it was bad to touch your face until these few years so its kind of tough to stop this one.

7)Not braiding my hair night all must be thinking that I am the worst so called 'beauty ' blogger in the universe,I did a post few months back on How to : Take care of your hair this trick is one of them but again I have stop braiding my hair since 2 months now , just can't manage to find my hair ties and the new one are just so expensive, oh stop it AMNA.!!!
... So top knot  buns are my go to hair style at the moment not a good idea DON'T Do it . 

8) Not maintaining my eyebrow.

This is a routine for me ...I have to have gorilla eyebrows before I groom them.
Just have to, my mom hates hates me for this. 

9) Avoiding sunscreen

If you read my review on the Banana boat sunblock you might know why I avoid them but seriously that experience has just put a sour flavor in my mind -
so ....
if you have any suggestion for a good sun block please let me know .

10) Not keeping up with my skincare routine

I believe that if I keep up with my skin care routine in general like I use to before -
my skin would be so happy with me , but its just a on and off switch for me. 
Sometimes I will take care of my skin with all my time and others day I just won't care. Making me skin confused like 'what the freaking hell are you doing to me' .

And this complete my horrid 'Deadly Beauty Sin Tag,' 
I hope you learnt something from this post or it was entertaining for you to read through this .
 I seriously feel quite ashamed right now :( ...writing this down so maybe I will work on these bad habit and make them disappear and then do a Update on how I am combating my Bad Beauty Habit. 

Does that sound interesting to you ? 
Let me know in the comment down below......

Now as this is a TAG I am tagging :


Check these dolls out they are fabulous-buttering them so that they do this tag..Hopefully :D  nahh...just joking they are truly fabulous I love them all ....more buttering hehehe.

Hope you had fun spending time with me and hopefully you are liking my everyday posting that I am bombarding you with, I am seriously having so much fun.

Wish me luck to combat these habit.

Hope you had and are having a lovely SUNDAY.

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Till then I'll see you all Tomorrow. 

Bye now,

Love Amna 


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