Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 9: My 5 Pet Peeves

My 5 Pet Peeves picture

Hi my beautiful Butterflies .
How are you today ? Hope very very well....sending you lots of well wishes....

Today I have a fun little post for you all that I love to watch and read & it is 
My 5 Pet Peeves
things that drive me almost cray cray .

 Now I am a kind of person that don't usually get annoyed or mad at anything I am very calm and chill , so these are my really thought about pet peeves. 

Let not wait any longer and get to it then hope you like this post , find it funny and maybe agree with me on some one these thing too....
I'll be including some of the 'real life' pet peeves meaning thing that happen around me that are not  pet peeves and then some social media pet peeve....

Let's Begin Then :

Pet Peeve Number 1:

When people meet you the first time or million of times and they stare you from head to toe.....
ugh this drives me crazy. 
It like you are talking to them looking face to face and they are just scanning the heck out of you. 
Why? Why?Just Why do people do that. 
It irks me and its not just a smiley stare but they just have no smile on their face, no expression except BLANK.
Don't like it, drive me nuts and can actually make me not like the person
  (well if I have just met them then- If I really closely know the person then I might just tell them to stop doing that)


Pet Peeve Number 2:

When people never compliment you but never forget to point out what is wrong with your outfit or your whole look or anything. 
They will never say "oh you look nice today" but never forget to tell you that your hair looks weird .
Forget about that red lipstick you are rocking but lets just make you uncomfortable about mentioning something that doesn't look right on you to them ...WHY again? 

Or when people never point out your good deed that you did but will never ever let go of something bad you did even if you did that million years ago......

there is a quote that always remind me of this :
 " Success always Hugs you in Private " BUT 
           "Failure always Slaps you in the public "   

 - this doesn't really go with this pet peeve of mine but its kind of goes along the line do you think so ?
 I think so...now I am awkward I hope some one is thinking like I am thinking :) right right now.....

Pet Peeve Number 3:

This is one is relating to the blogging/twitter world - And it kills me and I know it kills/annoy/hurt other bloggers too.....and that is :
When people follow you on twitter and /or on your blog and then if you follow back they will un-follow 
 if you don't follow back they will un-follow 
in anyway they will un-follow you 
......Ugh Ugh Ugh....

Please first look at my/our tweets, 
see my/our twitter bio 
check what I/we are all about if you like me ?
 Then follow me .
NOT because you just want me to follow you back - don't follow me then un-follow me like please decide first and then take action. 
Also don't un-follow me when I follow you ....it makes you look greedy for followers and don't think I don't  know who you are as I have http://unfollowers.me/ and http://www.justunfollow.com/ to let me know who you trolls are :) 
So please save yourself from the embarrassment and stop playing games. 

And same goes with my blog ...I have always said this many many time but " If you like my BLOG please follow i'll love you forever and you'll be always in my heart ' but don't follow me for the sake of thinking that I will follow you...so yes first check my blog , see if you like it and then follow for the Content & NOT for the \FOLLOW BACK/.

Rant over .

Pet Peeve Number 4:

People with stinky attitude .........woopsi doooo...
"I am so sorry my highness I don't stand on your level I am so sorry to disappoint you." 
People with 'oh i am so hip and hop and noone is equal than me' 
Please stop with your nonsense, be nice to people, be humble, down to earth and BE SWEET - you are not the queen of the world...get it together.
Thank You.

Pet Peeve Number 5 :

Last but not the least..... I don't know about that cause these Pet peeve took me lot of thinking.....see I am a positive person...:D so it takes me time into think what annoys me....

Anyway getting off track here....but my last pet peeve for this post will be 
Slow Internet and You-Tube,
I hate hate hate it when I am ready to watch a videos and my internet get slow and by slow I mean NOT PLAYING THE FREAKING VIDEO....ughh...how many times have I said 'ugh' in this post anyway 
Like I wait the whole day for night to relax and play my favourite video and when I play it , it won't work/start/download.

Slow internet drive me crazy....and I am even mention about my slow internet on my twitter too it happens so much.

Oh well.....

This completes my 5 Pet Peeve tag I know they were not small little things that annoy me but as I said before its pretty NOT SO EASY to annoy me as I am very laid back ...lols:) or I think that way....

Hope you enjoy this funny post from my side 
and hey! Share your pet peeves with me...maybe I'll get to know more thing that Totally annoy me and this will also make me know you better ...:)

As always you know I love it when you comment and let me know you feedback.

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and what else? ...
I think that is about it....

See you all tomorrow with a nice post beauty related.....
pss pss....its The Starting off Week 3 tomorrow I am soo excited .....:D 
This week we will be talking about our 'FOUNDATION'.
 I love it.

Missed my previous The Starting Off project post ??? You can check them right here: 

Enjoy :D

To da lo....

Love Amna 

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  1. Pet peeve number 1 drives me insane!! I know exactly what you mean, why is it that the people who do that are really obvious when they do it too!?


    1. Exactly...its like hey mister I can see you scanning me...;@

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