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Day 3 :Starting Off -Concealer

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Today is Week 2 of The Start Off project and we are discussing Concealer today. 
Yippee...who is jumping up and down like me :) 

This post will be my favorite one to read cause I love love love concealer but I do need to explore 
a lot more of them .

So what is a concealer ?

 what is made for and why ?

Well my friends the concealer was the best creation made for women/men (humankind)  after      
brows product of-course. .hehe. 
You know I love me some thick brows.....

Anyway , so where was I?

Concealer! , yes the name says it all- conceal.
 Conceal our deep dark secrets that are on our faces that we don't want others to see.
It is the magic weapon that is used to hide all those imperfection that are given to us from the mother nature.

Want a flawless look?
Get a concealer.
 It truly knows how to hide your secrets without even letting anyone know....;) 

When getting a concealer you can opt for 2 kind of concealer; 
one for your blemishes  and then one for you under eye dark circles.
Or if you are like me you can get concealer  for both usage.

How to use Concealer ?


Hide blemishes,acne spot, redness :

For dark discolored purple/ blue scars many beauty experts recommend using a green concealer to cancel out the purple tones of the blemish , personally I don't go that route as for me it too much of a work plus I don't have to go to a photo shoot any time soon :D .

Also I have learnt  that a yellow based concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone hides the blemish beautifully.

The trick to apply concealer is to start with small and slowly built your way up if you need more of concealing.
Never use too much product at once it will give you the cake face look and will look unnatural and people will notice and we don't want that.

Get a q-tip or a small tiny brush and apply the concealer just on the scar that you want to conceal. Then with your ring finger feather the product out around to blend it out so that you don\t have a harsh edge the warm of your finger will melt the product and help to blend the product easily. Remember not to rub the concealer but with light stippling motion .

Lightly dust setting powder to seal in the concealer and you are done in the mission to conceal your trouble spot.

Funny fact about me : I don't like covering my blemish to the point you can't see them, weird I know...I like the blur effect so I stick to light to medium coverage concealer.

Do you like the full flawless face look or do you too like the blur effect ?I seriously am curious... 

Hide under Eye dark circle :

Under eye concealer are my favorite and well who likes "I have not slept for few day now look"...I seriously hope you don't and if you do...You go girl you do your thing:)

For under eye concealing -choose a concealer shade 1 or 2 lighter from you skin tone and more on the pink tones orange/ salmon tone side.
The pink and orange/ salmon  tone will cancel out the dark tones of your under eyes giving you the bright face look.

Tip: To find the your dark circle ; tilt your head down and where you see a shadow appearing put concealer right on that area.Gently.

Start with applying small dot from the inner corner of your eye going out -gently with a stippling  motion spread the concealer under eye area.
Remember not to pull or rub just use light stippling motion.

Set your concealer with a setting powder and you are good to go:)

Now with that all being said and out of the way I will now share my 3 well tried concealer and tell you which one I like which one I don't and which I love

Let's start with my first ever concealer purchase -

 Prestige Light Response Self-Adjusting Under Eye Concealer.  

This comes in a bottom twisty  brush applicator, very handy plastic lightweight packaging with 
.05 fl oz or 1.4 ml not a lot of product but you get each and every drop out of this tube. 
No product wasting here.

As a first under eye concealer I loved this product I would say this is great for the beginner/teenager who don't deal with a lot of under eye circles.  
It brighten the under eyes and gives a very natural look. 

The good thing about this concealer is that it doesn't cake up underneath you eyes or crease as a matter of fact.
Easy to blend and stay in put for quite a nice period of time and doesn't get oily throughout the day- I have oily skin in case you didn't know :) . 

I remember loving this concealer when using it and having the thought of buying it again.

Sadly the store near me discontinued these and now I still can't manage to get it anywhere .


If you are a teenager/or wanting to test the concealer 'water' for just a start up or are someone who generally is looking for a light to medium coverage concealer
that is lightweight and 
easy to use and apply -
I would highly recommend this concealer to try out.:) if you can find it in your near by store- 
PS.*If you cant find this anywhere , then don't worry I have something else for you :)*

Prestige Light Response Self-Adjusting Under Eye Concealer is affordable too... 
I don't remember the price but I do remember it being not so wallet denting  product.

My second concealer purchase :

MAC Cosmetics Studio Sculpt Concealer in - NW35 

This was my First ever MAC cosmetic product. I remember being so excited while purchasing this product and to include this in my makeup collection -it was on my wishlist for over a year .

I got this concealer to hide my blemishes and for my under eyes as well . 
As many beauty gurus on the You Tube community recommended/raved about this concealer to hide any imperfection on your face so I had to have it. 

Using  this concealer for the 1st time worked out fine and I remember being happy to finally getting the   Must Have Product from the MAC cosmetic.

But as the days went by and I really started using this on a daily bases I remember not enjoying the product anymore.
It felt very thick and dry for the under eye area and also on the area where I had blemishes.
The blending process was a pain as it was so thick and not as creamy as I would like my concealer to be.

Also it can and does look cakey , not build-able at all - even though I am a oily/combo skin lady -so I am thinking that if this would look cakey on me then I don't even want to think about the dry skin lady.

Last but not least it creased under my eyes too. A no no for me or I think for anybody who want to use this as a under eye concealer.

I still thoroughly remember when using the very last bit of this concealer I was very glad that it was finished and  that now I could look for some other concealers.

The price for this was also not on the budget friendly side - 
you do get a lot of product which would last you for a whole year but I think you could get many other good concealer at a much lesser price than the Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer.

All in all was not happy using this concealer and would not recommend this product to anyone.

Last but not least 

My third concealer purchase:

Rimmel Match Perfecting concealer in - Ivory.

This product is the best concealer that I have ever tried is it similar to 
Prestige Light Response Self-Adjusting Under eye Concealer 
but of course better.

Its has a very smooth and creamy consistency- comes in a squeeze tube packaging with the plastic brush which is fine to apply the product with but can not be used to blend the product don't even try.

The concealer applies like a dream and blends beautifully giving the under eye area a brighten up look which I love.
It's a medium coverage -very natural looking but effective you don't need a lot of this product as a little goes a long way.
Its doesn't crease under eyes and the stay power is excellent specially as it is a drugstore brand.

The only thing I find not appreciating about this product is the packaging.

Firstly as it is a squeeze tube you have to be very careful as to how much product you squirt out , too much pressure result in too much product getting waste :( .

Another packaging problem is that when you think the product is finish in reality its not.
For a little check I cut my way open to the concealer tube to discover that I have more than enough product to use for 6 months.
Had to preserve it in the MAC Studio Sculpt concealer jar.
Yes, it does get messy when taking the product out but you get product for at least 3 months even if you use it daily :D can't let that go to waste.
Can you? 

And the product is still as good as new and I use it when going to a special occasion.

I still will be searching for new concealer in the future but for now Rimmel Match Perfecting concealer takes the cake for me.
Total recommend for all skin type -oily or dry skin lady. 

Below are picture for the Rimmel Match Perfecting concealer in - Ivory 
where I try to show you the
swatch + before and after:

Rimmel Match Perfecting Concealer in jar

Rimmel Match Perfecting Concealer swatch and blended

Rimmel Match Perfecting Concealer application process

Bonus Concealer Tip and Advantage: 

Use it a highlighter- get the concealer that you used for your under eye circle and apply the concealer on the brigde of your nose, cheekbone, on the mid of your forehead and on your chin mid section blend away and get the natural glowy/ brighten up look.

I always do this whenever I am not doing foundation and believe me it does make a difference.

That is it everybody that is my knowledge for the concealer post.

And this complete our Start Off project Week 2 :)

Hope you found this post helpful and had fun reading my thoughts and opinion :)
Have any added tip on 'concealers' pop it right in the comment bar below....

 Have you tried MAC cosmetic Studio Sculpt Concealer? 
Did you enjoy it or was your experience just like mine? 
Let me know in the comment below.

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  1. 'You know I love me some thick brows.....'
    haha Amna you are brilliant! Great post! I will remember yellow for acne, pink for under eye next time I'm shopping for concealers! X


    1. Thanks Lizzie I seriously do love thick brow action :)
      Thanks for reading:)


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