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Day 10 : The Starting Off - Foundation

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The Starting Off - Foundation picture

Today I, yours truly is here with you to share my knowledge on the 'Foundation' for your lovely face, so with out me rambling on let hop right into this.

Let talk about the basic question first that may come in the mind when we hear the word 'foundation'.

What is foundation? What does it do?

Well as the word suggest foundation is the base- here we are talking about your lovely face ; 
to even out your skin tone, 
blur out any discoloration 
or issue to may have with you skin. 
Foundations provide you with a clean base so that you can apply other steps to emphasis your natural beauty. 

Many people think that foundation is to cover any blemish and imperfection on your face but really that is not what the foundation is for. It doesn't hide anything completely. 
That job is for the concealer to do ( don't know what concealer is? check my concealer post out I have everything covered for you.) 
Foundation is just to give you a clean base, but it is not for heavy duty work.

Kind of foundation/formulation are there? 

1- Powder/ Mineral Foundation 
these are for those lovelies that don't need much work are looking for light-medium coverage. These are not heavy at all and give you a nice finish, very natural looking. 

2- Liquid Foundation
these come in range from light to full coverage foundation. Can be build-able but can also look cakey if used too too much. It also depend on the foundation formulation and what the brand claim for the foundation to do .

3- Cream Foundation
these are just like liquid foundation but in cream form , can go from light to full coverage resulting  flawless finish.
These are amazing for the dry skin .

Let's talk some Foundation's  Yes & Nos  that should be in mind while using foundation for the very first time:

1) Don't apply  foundation all over you skin:
When I got my first ever liquid foundation I applied it all over my skin like a moisturizer , in a very generous amount. This was bad misconception that I had in my mind so I am letting you all know to avoid this.
You don't need foundation everywhere, yes it is a base  but it doesn't HAVE to cover you whole face, let you natural skin peek through if you have problem free area let that show don't hide your natural beauty when it doesn't need to . 
Your foundation should look natural- so pick an area that need work not the whole face.

2) Match it to your skin tone exactly: 
 If you are a porcelain doll  don't  go for a darker tone as it will make you look orange
if you are a Dark Choco Latte don't go lighter it will make you look ashy
. Embrace your skin tone, make it look healthy that all it matters :) 

3) Don't match it to your hand, match it to your jawline: 
Jawline is the closest thing to your face, hands not so much :D so get the closet shade swatch it on the side of your jawline and which ever match perfectly pick that one up :) 

4) Don't over do it :
The full flawless face....
yes it looks lovely but sometimes us girl can keep layering our foundation to get that look 
So....Please Stop and don't keep layering the product on to achieve that look, it WILL look cakey
Pick concealer if you have some stubborn acne mark as its job to cover those up not the foundation, remember it only give you an even base.  

5)Avoid The Mask Look(at all cost):
Blend it down to your jawline , don' stop right at the jaw but drag the foundation down blend it so it looks 'natural' not '"h hi, yes i am wearing foundation" 
 and as Wayne Goss say : "it should looks like your neck and face belong to the same person". 
Also blend it in to your hairline and on to your ear, specially if your hair are in a up do....

Now how I like my foundation to be like(for your reference): 

My foundation choice is to be light on the skin, natural looking, light to medium coverage, slightly dewy not matte but not highly moisturizing right in middle for the natural glow. 

Foundation that I have tried :

1) Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

This was my first foundation ever to try and to be honest it not my favorite . I had heard so many beauty gurus raved about this, that you couldn't feel this on your skin , it feels very natural and its matte and non-transferable.
 So I thought great its a drugstore foundation so I should start with this one. 

On my first trail I did the first mistake I mention above 'apply  foundation all over you skin' and it felt very noticeable to me and felt pretty thick.
Didn't feel comfortable with this at all. I felt very weird wearing this that maybe people might know that I was wearing foundation which who wants that.
.I don't.

Now I do use this foundation on occasional time but only place I need heavy coverage and I do like it but I don't love it.
It is a medium coverage foundation and is build-able, but can be transferable specially if you live in humid area. 

This I would recommend to people who need good coverage and are looking for a flawless finish and matte finishes , but I would not recommend this to the people who are just starting out with foundation as it can feel a bit heavy, in my personal experience .

2) Carlo di Roma : 

Carlo di Roma foundation

Carlo di Roma packaging

I have never heard about this foundation from any other blogger or vlogger but I do have to say it a nice foundation and one of my favorite specially in the summer time.
It seems super dark when applied to the skin but when rubbed in it matches perfectly and blend beautiful. It almost feels like a moisturizer and very lightweight. 
I can apply this all over my skin and not feel a thing, it has a slight dewy finish almost like a healthy glow and I love how it looks on the skin. 

The only draw back I have in this is that as it is a bit darker than my skin tone it something can look too dark, not orange just dark.
When applied a translucent powder this problem somehow disappear and I don't how that happens....but it does.

The brand claim this to be for mature skin but seriously it is one of my good foundation that I would recommend to anyone. :D 
Don't mind using mature skin ladies foundation till it looks gorgeous on.

Would reccomend to anyone who want a light to medium coverage, with slight dewy finish.  Also for those who are just starting out in the foundation category as you don't feel this on your skin so its easy so apply.

Smells like a bit granny product but I don't mind it :) 

Carlo di Roma swatch

Carlo di Roma blended

3) Mac Studio Fix powder foundation: 

Not impressed with Mac on this one....seriously this didn't do anything for my skin at all....actually I felt I needed to apply this more and more through out the day and it felt cakey and oily .
I was a student when I was using this so the day I applied this it was not a confident day for me. The beginning day was fine but as the day progress it felt very oily on my t-zone and I was just not a fan. 
I seriously would not recommend this to anyone :( . Sad I know. I wanted to like this so much. Maybe I would recommend this as a setting powder on top of your makeup. Maybe . But then there are so many other drugstore setting powder that are much better than this. So...in whole Not recommending this to anyone:) 

4)Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation packaging

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation packaging

I am so glad to find this foundation. Its my favorite of all......
It is light on the skin , give a very natural dewy finish.    
 I would recommend this to all the ladies to who are looking for a medium coverage.
The thing I love about this foundation is that  it is very versatile; you can sheer this out to your liking or build it up.

Smells very fruity and floral so keep that in mind that if you are sensitive to smells and perfume in your product that this does smell pretty potent. 

 :Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Before and After:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Before and After picture

And this complete our Start Off project Week 3 :)

Hope you found this post helpful and had fun reading my thoughts and opinion :)

Have any addition tips and tricks leave them all down below.

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Hope you all are having a lovely weekday :)

I'll see you tomorrow ...with a new post:)

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leave them and I'll see and try my best to do them 

Till then you know what to do...Take care of yourself


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  1. The Bourjois Healthy Mix looks good, everyone raves about it so I feel like I should try it!

    Rebecca x

    PS do you know you have Captcha on your comments? x

    1. You should try it, it beautiful:) Thanks for the comments...

  2. I really love how you have included the different types of foundation e.g. liquid/cream! I think a beginner would find that really useful! I also think that the picture at the end of before and after really does show that it looks good and it suits you! I love this blog post!
    Check out mine- http://hannahsbubbe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/starting-off-foundation.html
    I have followed you btw xxx

    1. Thank you ....Glad you liked it I was so nervous showing my problematic Skin:) But glad you like this post....:D heading to see you post now.

  3. This is such a good post, you've covered everything! I really want to try the Healthy Mix foundation, it's definitely next on my list (once i've used up my current stash!)

    Great post - I'm part of the SO project too!
    Rosie xo


    1. Yes, Bourjois Healthy mix foundation is lovely- i had such high hope when i got this foundation and seriously it didnt let me down so light on the skin.
      Glad you liked this post..:) Trying to improve as I go by the Starting Off Project :)
      heading your post now...:D

  4. Love that you listed 'don'ts'! So important for newbies!

    1. Hey Sara... i really felt the need to put the don'ts to help out the newer ones.Glad you noticed it and loved it :)
      Thank you for the comment.

  5. Ahh YAY you did it :)
    The healthy mix sounds so good I need to try it. Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. Hahah....I know right felt very nervous about it...:) Thanks to acne scaring...oh well if it helps anyone then why not.
      That is what we are here for:)
      Healthy mix is definitely a must try great for everyday use very breathable foundation.

  6. Lovely post Amna! I feel lie I'm really missing out having not tried Healthy mix, I definitely need to i think xx

  7. Love healthy mix, one of my favourite foundations and looks great on you! You're right about the skin tones.I'm so pale so it can be very hard to match colours so I'll often stick with foundations I know are the right colour for me, but now maybe I'll be more brave in trying new foundations by using the jaw line method! :D
    Thank you for the lovely read :)
    L x

    1. choosing foundation shade is horrific...trust me i still struggle with it...i have 3 foundation total and they are quite different in shades and they all work...Dont know how that miracle happens...lols NO..healthy mix suits my skin perfectly + as you all saying that it looks nice so I should totally belive that:)
      Glad you enjoyed the post Lizzie:)

  8. I have the Bourjois healthy mix serum and I love it, would love to try the foundation!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X


    1. Healthy Mix is the great invention of foundation seriously...:) the serum sound so tempting to try when I finish my foundation i might try one:)
      Thank you so so happy that you like the post and my blog:)

  9. great post! cant wait for next week's post ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    don't forget to enter my Real Techniques giveaway here

    1. Brigitte Thank you so much, glad you liked the post...unfortunately I wont be doing the next post that would be featuring all about bronzer as in all honesty I dont even know them :D but dont be sad as i will be continuing the next Start off project that contains all about blusher:) excited!!
      Thank you for sharing your giveaway..heading to your blog right now who doesnt want real techniques brushes

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you so so much :) sorry for being so late on commenting back...

  11. i've been loving reading people's starting off projects! i've always wanted to try some of these foundations, so thanks for sharing! the pictures of your skin with and without makeup is really helpful too :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. you can win a bottle of diesel loverdose perfume over on my blog! click here

    1. So glad the picture helped you Helen ...its was so difficult showing my bare skin like that ... happy that you found them helpful :)

  12. great post. those before and after pics clearly show the difference a foundation can make. owesome work.

    1. Foundation are a girl best friend isnt it.....:)
      Thanks Love :)


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