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Day 2: Tag-The First Time

Yesterday my friend Daphne from the the blog 'Peanut Butter and chocolate life' I  had to include her blog name its just soo yummy :D tagged me to do the 'The First Time Tag'.

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 So yes here I am doing cute tag which involve you to answer all 1st time thing you ever did that are being asked in the question.
 Lets not wait any further and jump right into it and hope you enjoy reading moi answers. :D 

First Best Friend?

My 1st best friend is no longer in my contact any more:( very very sad about this fact. But I can tell you about her ,as I still remember her and she is very close to my heart. 
Her name was Rehana and we met in KG, we use to travel in the same school bus and that is how we united. She was darling and a super sweetheart person and a Math GENIUS and wanted to be a doctor .

 I remember her being always with me and for many many years . She was the friend that if any of my other friends use to fight with me:(  she never left me:) she was always there.

I remember making so many friend back in the day of class 5/6/7/8/9  and them going and coming in my life but Rehana always stuck with me.. 
As in every friendship we did have a phase where we were not as close as we were in KG.
 I do feel sometimes that it was my fault not communicating with her. And I feel horrible about it :( 
I really do wish to meet her one day as the world is a small place and apologize for not being always there in her life and thank her for showing me what best friends should be like. 

"In any Rare rare case Rehana you are somehow on my blog :) and reading this and remember me....Please hit me up here I would love love love to talk with you :)
Seriously I miss you ♥♥♥ "

First Kiss?

 I am not married yet , so my 1st kiss will be after I am married. :) 

First Concert?

Oh gosh, I remember going to one concert that was being held in Pakistan but then it got postpone due to some stupid reason and after we were stuck in a long rad traffic which I personally enjoy but my family did so after that one trail concert no more concert for me:)  

First Celebrity Crush?

Chad Micheal Murray....Will I get hate for liking him? 
Oh well he is adorable and cute and tall and handsome . And to be honest no other celebrity could actually take his place in my eyes :) Could still watch House of Wax million of times more.and truth to be told I started watching One Tree Hill just cause of him. 

First Word?

I don't know ....Dada Maybe?!?!

First Pet?

3 Little orange small fishy:) 
Sadly they passed away just within few days:( and to be honest I still don't know how. 

First Job?

Tried to be a Nursery teacher got selected then they saw that I haven't done my BA degree and told me to get my degree and come back and they will happily keep me :( .
 I loved teaching those kids so so much they were so cute.

First phone? 

Motorola  SLVR L7  not sure about the model numbet but i remember it being silver color  But let me tell you I loved the phone. It was amazing :D

First Tweet? 

don't think this is my 1st tweet but my twitter feed tell me it is so here we go....

Twitter feed picture with 2 tweets

Yes I was very sleepy....was someone even interested in this tweet , could I have been more creative? Maybe Not.

First makeup?

A lip gloss by the brand Prestige and I have a story to share with you guys for this question.
 So I was on the makeup aisle looking for the pretty pastel pink and then I found the one pink  that I want.
Told the lady to get me the shade in the fresh form and she gave me a notorious glitter ball sparkly frosty over pink slight white lip gloss.
 Stupid enough of me not checking the back label of the lip gloss. 
And then I never had the guts to go back and returned the lip gloss as I clearly didn't know anything better.  

And this complete the Tag  every body.

Hope you had fun reading a little bit more about me :)

Now up I go and Tag 10 lovely beauties:

This completes the post for  Day 2 and our lovely tag:) 

Special Thank to the very lovely Daphne - for tagging me in this :) I had great time answering the questions.

And the awesome butterflies who are reading this thank you so much for taking the time of your life and supporting my blog and if you are new then Hit that follow button as we are going to have lots of fun this month:)

And you want do this tag and leave your  link in the comment below I would love to see your first times answers:)

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Till then 

Love you all 




  1. YES! Chad Micheal Murry was a hottie haha. Aww sounds like you love kids too, my first serious job was as a nursery nurse.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  2. Isn't he !!! hehe.
    Nursery Nurse you must look so cute and all the kids may have wanted to come to you all the time:D
    Yes i love kids...they are just so so adorable and the most pure thing in this world:)
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. I really really liked Chad Michael Murry during a phase! I hate it when people give you the wrong tube of product...then you have to go in again just to exchange the product or keep it in your stash and look at it regretfully...:(

    I really had fun reading this! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow! And I hope that you reunite with rehana soon! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. I am glad that my other beauties find Chad M.M attractive too...shows he is a true beauty :). i HATED the women too and believe it i was scared of buying makeup after then because i didnt want my mistake to be repeated lols yes it was a heartbreaking experience when i threw the lipgloss after many year i hate hate hate wasting product but that color would not look nice on anybody ekk.
      Glad you liked my answer Daphne...i hope too i would somehow reunite with Rehana she was a really good friend:)

      Thanks for the lovely comment and letting me know you read my post hehee...:D

  4. Thanks for tagging me Amna!
    This was fun to read!
    Your hubby was your first kiss? That's so sweet!
    I'll make a note of answering these!
    Maybe I'll do so on a video, can't promise though <3

    TheInsideOutBeauty.com | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Heidi....My husband WILL be I am NOT married yet *blushing intensely*
      No problem.

  5. Such lovely answers! I wish for you and your best friend to meet again one day :) Thank you for tagging me Amna:D I've just finished the 'tag' post! My editing wasn't great, but I'm trying my best!(like your last post taught me!)Liz XO

    1. Lizzie you never fail to make me smile you know that:) Thank love I am so glad you are doing this tag eager to know you answer:)
      Thanks for the best wishes on to re uniting with me friend:)
      And believe when I started with blogging i was not good then but now slowly I am improving :) So Do it :) I will read and millions and billions will read it 2.


Thank you for reading dearies and leaving your sweet comments I appreciate them so so much :) ♥

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