Sunday, 27 October 2013

Where Have I Been?!?!? Update

The Starting Off Project and Blog your socks off September failed...:( ?
what happened?

Here is the Blogging/Life Update for you all.....

Where have I been Poster-Halloween style

Hey you guys how are you all doing ....?

If you have noticed I have been MIA for a bit over a month now, and this post will be explaining you where have I been basically .

So lets shall not wait and let the story begin:

While I was writing down my The Starting: Foundation post I was starting to suffer with high fever combining my dad too .

Later that same week while I was recovering from my fever sinus welcomed me & bam more sleepless night and aches for me .
.......Thank you.....

In this whole process of me and my dad being sick my family were slowly shifting to our new home which was very troubling as later few day my mom felt sick TOO, so it was me my dad recovering with our health while my mom was starting to suffer with high fever....

I tell you we were having a fever party...:@

After shifting I didn't have internet and just this past week we got our connection.

But what took us so long to get our connection? Let's flash back shall we -

Later that week after shifting my father was diagnosed with typhoid and was hospitalize and then after 1 week my mom had awful pain in her stomach and later found out she had stones in her gall bladder and they were stuck somewhere below and causing pain.
 I don't want to get into much detail and get in dept but all in all  she was hospitalize too....
So yes I kind of spent my previous month in a hospital.
I tell you It was nerve wreaking experience seeing 2 people I love the most in so much pain.

 Thanks to God they both are now on recovering side and we are kind of settling down.

Now all I am looking for is a place for the perfect light and come up with a nice schedule,
I am thinking 2 post in a week Tuesday and Friday what do you think? 

I will not be able to post regularly daily as I do have to take care of my mom and dad health for time being.

and oh...Fun thing to share from this horrendous experience: -I am learning on how to cook and  am loving it ..

Will surly post some recipes once I get a hang on them let me know if you all are interested in learning with me on how to cook.
This completes my story and my whereabouts .

I am truly sorry about this whole me vanishing in thin air.
Trust me I have missed blogging so so much that I could not wait any longer to come back on here and start writing once again.

Thank you for sticking with me through this month.

Sorry for not blogging everyday and also for The Starting Off project.

See you all very very soon my love buds...

Take care of yourself and remember I love you :)

Thank you for being here with me, your support means alot.

Thank you...



  1. You & your family always come first before blogging :) I think it's amazing that during all that you're going through at the moment, you have taken time to update us. You're such an inspiration to me :) I really hope you, your mum and Dad all get much better soon. 2 posts a week sounds great, only blog when you have time so that you can enjoy doing it! L xo

    1. brighten my day up Lizzie with your kind kind words. Ofcourse i would let you guys know what is up when I just get the time, I hate when blogger vanish in thin air and when they return they write as if nothing happened. I though an Update would be a good idea just to let you all know what is happeneing....:)
      Thank you for the wishes...

  2. I hope you are okay, and just take as much time as you need to re-adjust! It would throw anyone off course if that happened to them!

    Lots of Love

    Emma x

    1. Emma yes I am feeling quite better now as they both of parents are on their way to recovery :) shifting is horrendous and being sick just doesnt work.....But yes i am trying to get things back as soon as possible hoping to post my new beauty post this tuesday so wish me luck:)
      Thank you for understanding

  3. Thanks for updating us! I was missing your blog but now I know the reason. Your family always comes first, lovely! I'd be more than glad to read two posts a week, but only if you have time to type them up! I hope that your parents get well soon! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Thank you Daphne my parents are getting very much better as they are now at home:) ....Yes i hope too that i get along with this schedule and get this bloging started again...:)


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