Friday, 15 November 2013

Beauty | Favorite Lip Combination - Fall/Winter 2013

Hi you guys how are you doing ?

I am doing fine but a little disappointed with my blogging skills right now....not to mention skipping Tuesday so unpro of me ....:( 

In today post I will be sharing a lip combo that I have just discovered and am loving for this lovely chilling weather.

PS.sorry for the lack of quality in the pictures I have been adjusting with my new home lighting situation and I am trying to figure out which light seems best. Let's get on with today post....Shall we? 

Favorite Lip Combination - Fall/Winter 2013  cover photo

I know for the season of the A/W the bold lip color are totally the hot but sometimes a girl want to tone down the look.
So in the search of that dark but neutral color combo I came up with this color combination that I am glad to share it with you guys.

First I have this IMPALA lip liner in the color 12 Pink Beige.

Impala Lip liner close up

I haven't seen this lip liner anywhere around the internet so I can't actually give you link to where to buy this but if you do find this I would recommend it as it is a nice creamy long lasting lip liner.

This is a dark beige color that is very close to my lip color but darker . Its one of those lip liner which you would need when you just want to have a define lip without any efforts really.

Impala Lip liner swatched

I first apply this lip liner and fill in my lips with this color.

Impala Lip liner on lips

Then I apply this XXL Magic lipstick in 13 right in the middle of my lip (again I can't find anywhere on the internet ) but this is a very baby doll pink color-think barbie  .

XXL Magic Lipstick

XXL Magic Lipstick swatch

I love this color to death.
 I didn't expect anything from this lipstick as I have never heard of this brand and then I got this for so     Dhrm 3 (yes I am not joking) 3 Dhrm so you could see that for that price in my head I was thinking that it would be a kids lipstick but for that price I just had to try this lipstick out and I am so happy that I did .

The consistency of the lipstick is very moisturizing and creamy but can sometimes cling on to dry patches of the lips, so if you find this lipstick and want to try just be careful as it does cling on to the lips.

Not to forget the adorable packaging this lipstick provide.
It just so cute.

XXL Magic Lipstick packaging

Now when combining the Impala lip liner and XXL Magic Lipstick you get dark but slight color to your look, sometimes I feel like the pink glossy effect seem like ice on my lips like water droplets or something like that.
Can you see them too?

Favorite Lip Combination

Or maybe it just me in my head.

But whatever the reason maybe I am loving this combo for the Fall and Winter.

I know it is so different from what other are going for this season but sometimes I like to change things up and well listen to my heart :) .

Not really into following trends but sometimes breaking them :) which can be quite fun :) going for something unique and different ...what you think ? 

Anyway that is it for today post you all.

I know pretty short and simple.

Hope you liked this post ...
and btw have you seen this Impala Cosmetic Line and the XXLMagic line or it this your first time too?
Let me know in the comment below you all
I'll see you all very soon hopefully with better photos....

Till then tc.


  1. looks lovely :)
    do visit my blog

    1. Thank you Ima....headed to your blog now...:)

  2. Best combo :) Looking awsum on you <3
    New follower :) follow me back if you like

    1. Thank you so much Glad you like the combo hehe:)
      heading to your blog dear :) see you...

  3. Love the combination :) And that it is a little different, it's good to be yourself & not worry too much over trends!
    I've tagged you in the Christmas Bucket list tag (will be up on my blog shortly!) if you fancy making your own! L xo

    1. Thanks Lizzie...oOo...the Bucket List seem fun ...sorry I don't celebrate Christmas so can't really participate in this Tag ...but heading to see what in your bucket list for the Christmas :)

    2. Oh woops, I should have thought! I'm sorry, I completely understand :) Thank you for reading my post, means a lot :D xo

    3. Always Lizzie I love chatting with you all :) and yes shopping in the snow is totally awesome in soo many level ...enjoy dear...

  4. pink lipsticks are so tempting to me. nice review

  5. nice review and a lovely blog
    Nida's Beauty Bag!!


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