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Beauty | Review : The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in Petal - Swatches Picture Included.

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So I think Winter is officially here  .....and I am freezing to death :D Not really to death but am freezing. 

Believe it or not I have waiting to do this review since summer, but didn't as I wanted this to be featured in the cold wintry season.

Today we are going to talk about the The Body Shop Baked To Last Blush in

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal'

which is a beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful did I say beautiful duo side blush.
One side contain a pretty glistening pink blush and the other a champagne/vanilla color highlighter, or you can totally mix the two up if you want to :)

Now off with the review. 

The Body Shop Baked To Last Blush in 'Petal' is one of my very favorite blush of all time.

For $18 you get a 5g (0.17oz) of product, which last quite a while .

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal'

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal' closeup picture
In the Sunlight 

 The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal' bad side

It applies beautifully, blends like a dream and the color pay-off is amazing .

It has this soft, light velvety feel to making the blush application a dream.

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal'  swatch

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal' swatches on skin

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal'  swatched in sunlight
In Sunlight and Closeup 

You know that healthy glow that we all desire in the gloomy winter season The Body Shop Baked To Last Blush gives you just that.

The packaging of this product is as cute as a button.

 It comes in a small handy dandy dome shape plastic container which I like as its not heavy weight or bulky and also doesn't feel cheap.

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal'  packaging

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal' packaging

The Blush and Highlighter come in a dome shape too which looks so pretty and cute, doesn't it ?

The Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush- in 'Petal' close up view
You can see how much I love this product, specially the highlighters-Its A GEM.

For me this blush is more than a blush really if you have been reading my blog for a while now you know I am all about multi-tasking product.
 I adore products that can be use more than once and this is one of them.

Its is a great product to brighten the inner corner of your eyes, give a brow highlight ,use on your cupid bow also on the center on your lip to give the plump look and then of course for the cheek highlight.

I have oily skin but this product still wins me over when ever I use it.
I usually reach for this blush in the colder to give that 'fresh look '.

All in all this is a great product specially for the winter times in my opinion and ladies if you have dry skin you will love this all the year round.

The only drawback to The Body Shop Baked-to-Last Blush has that it only come in two shade which is a bummer as I would really like this product to have more shade because of the wonderful quality but other than that I have no other complain.

that completes my review for the Body Shop -Baked To Last Blush Blush.

Tell me have you tried Body Shop Blush or any other beauty product from them ?

I would seriously , love to try out their Shimmer Cubes .

Anyway I am off now, see you all very very soon with a new post...:)

Hope you found this post helpful and informative and enjoyed it.

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Till then I'll see you very very soon

Love Amna.



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  1. looks great...very nice review :)

  2. The design of the powder looks similar to the new mac collection doesn't it Hun. Lovely review :)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. Thanks Megan :) oOo...IT DOES...!! good observation :)

  3. Wow nyc review!

    1. Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it..

  4. so pretty & I love the dome shape :D Great review!
    L xo

    1. Right...I love product with pretty shapes...look so cute:) Thanks dear :)

  5. such a beautiful blush. nice review

    1. Thanks Naseem glad you like it :) xxx


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