Friday, 1 November 2013

How To : Groom Eyebrows

Hey you guys, how are you sugar plum doing today? 

In today post we are talking about my favorite topic -yes we are finally talking about Eyebrows.
How I groom them and how you can groom them too at home.

Picture of groomed eyebrows

I wanted to do this post for such a long time but never got around doing it ...but when after several of 
months of not doing my brows( by several I mean just1 month, yes I have the barbarian eyebrows.
Don't judge me!!! )
I thought to myself I will never ever get
this bushier in my life ever it seem the very right time to get my camera out and well show you all
on how you can groom your brows while not paying a single penny at a salon.

This tutorial will be very handy to those of you too who have never gotten their eyebrow done at a salon and 
are trying to figure out a way to do your brows at home.....

Shaping and trimming unruly eyebrow can be quite scary to be honest. You see so much of bushiness and get kind of overwhelmed on what to pluck out and what should be stayed.
No one like Overplucked we now?

So in this tutorial hopefully you will learn on how not freak out and well basically groom your eyebrow girl.

I dont even want to count how many times I have said eyebrows in this post till now.

Anyway without further ado lets get started:

Things you will need:

1) Tweezer
2) Small eyebrow scissor or any small scissor
3) Mascara spooly
5)Brown or matching eyebrow powder
6)White eyeliner- not necessary but just to have a guide 

Let's the grooming Begin:

Start off fresh clean brows. Don't you laugh on my bushy also have them don't you ;D

Picture of untamed eyebrows

Grab yourself some Vaseline on your fingertips and apply lightly on your eyebrows, this way you will have a neat idea on the shape of your eyebrows and it will be easier for you to remove unwanted hair. This is the way that I find myself most comfortable as my hair are laying flat on my skin and its way easier it see what hair need to be plucked.

Step to get groomed brow

Now where do you Start? you ask....Get your self pencil and put it vertical from your nose bridge straight to you eyebrow, anything before this line should be plucked, grab your white eyeliner and mark this point so you'll have a guide remembered.

Now for the Arch your will slant your pencil and meet your iris outer edge- now this point will be your arch,mark it with your eyeliner.

The End would be the corner of your eye- again with the pencil slant it on the corner of your eye.
Don't forget to mark it.

Groom Eyebrows description

Now let the plucking begin .....

Firstly start with the stray hair that usually start well yes...they start from the eyelid area or pretty much close to your eyelids
...Annoying much...

what hair to pluck to get groomed eyebrows
So we are going to get rid of that first so that we can then focus closely to getting our desire shape and not get distracted.
Below you can see the difference....

Groom Eyebrows step 1

Now with that being out of the way, now we will start with the shape.

With the same white eyeliner start drawing out your eyebrow and the shape you would like them to be like. Applying Vaseline again at this point would help also as it would again give you a clear idea on what you want to pluck out and what you want to leave in and it smooth everything out .

Below picture is just to give you a rough idea (excuse my bad Photoshop skills...)

Groomed eyebrows step 2

After outlining your desire shape then begin plucking outside the line (of course, no need to clear that up but just to be sure:D).
 I like big fuller looking brows so I am keep that shape but you can surely go with what you desire.

Here is the picture of after can you see the difference....I am sure I can...

 Groom Eyebrows finishing steps

Now fill the eyebrow in with a dark brown or a shade that is darker than you hair ,
 apply you clear mascara ,
add some highlight under the brow bone and you are good to go.

Groom Eyebrows final look
The Final Look

Grooming eyebrows at home may take some practice I remember when I first started grooming them at home it was a thing that I quite honestly didn't enjoy.

But after many time of practice and you do get a pretty good hang of it.
Just remember to go steady and slow and don't rush.
Go back far away from the mirror to see if you are liking the shape or aren't plucking too much of hair.

And lastly while plucking your eyebrows never look at the zoomed side of the mirror , you may pluck more than you want to.

Hope you found this post helpful and gave you a some new tips and tricks.

Let me know what you thought about this post as I love hearing from you guys.

Till then I'll see you on now on Tuesday with a new post surely.

Love Amna.




  1. Your eyebrows are amazing! I really like the vaseline trick, I'm defintiely going to try that next time x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Thanks Daphne so sweet of you:) & Yes try vaseline I asure you that life would be so much easier....haha...

  2. So detailed and informative, never thought of using vaseline! :D
    L xo

  3. I too can't wait to try the vaseline trick! :D
    Check out my blog if you have time?

    1. Vaseline safe many many lifes...haha...heading to your blog right now deary:)

  4. Okay so I have brow envy arghhh...Amna you lucky lady!!

    Holly Mixtures

  5. This is really helpful.. love it!

    1. So glad you found this helpful Ara...:) Thank you Love


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