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Skin Care| Products that Saved my Skin : Winter Skin Rescue

Products that Saved my Skin :Winter Skin Rescue- poster

Hi you sugar plums...how are you doing today ?

With winter just around the corner don't we all struggle with dry and dehydrated skin and long to get beautiful healthy glowing skin. 

Last few day due to sinus my skin has been acting out terribly 
and by terrible I mean terrible.....ekkk...cringe worthy moment.

So I have been using few products to clam my skin down and thankfully they are working so let's hop right into this post.

1. Applying Lemon directly on to the face.

As known by many lemons are great for many many thing; they
heal acne ,
 remove blackhead,
 lighten scars and acne spots.

Lemons are great for exfoliating the skin I find, the tiny fiber in the lemon work great for removing the dead skin and the natural acid helps to remove any impurities causing the dead skin cells.

Before washing my face I start applying the lemon directly to my face then leave the juice on for about 5 to 10 mins nothing to precise, when it start to sting a bit that when the magic is happening :) and the rough dry patches get loosen up and removed also.

Doing this regularly I have also noticed that  my dry patches are largely reduced and also that my blackhead are very near from being disappeared , so good job lemon :)

2)Himalaya Herbals Neem Purifying Face Wash 

After using lemon which is quite strong on the skin I opt for Himalaya Neem Purifying Face Wash which is very gentle on the skin .
It is in a gel consistency and work great to soothe skin after using the lemon and is not harsh at all which I love.

 If you want you could add your favorite scrub with this Himalaya Neem Purifying Face Wash  to get a little bit of more exfoliation and to get rid of any excess skin.

3) St. Ive Timeless Skin Collagen Elastic Facial Moisturizer.

If you have read my Skin Care Basic Post  you have heard me talk about this product, now while I was writing that post I was just starting to use this product so I didn't have opinion on it yet. 
But since then I have used quite bit of this product and have nothing but good thing to say about this lovely right here.

This product is absolute bliss for all the oily skin ladies out here. 

It's super light on the skin yet hydrating and does clog up the pores and break me out-

While using this product I feel it give my skin that beautiful glow but doesn't make it look shiny.
The other thing I love about this product is that when you put this on your skin it feels like water/gel consistency and  absorb into the skin fairly quickly.

If you are wondering about the collagen elastic factor of this product whether if it works or not I would say it does as after applying this I do feel my face is a bit on the firmer side 

(not that  my skin is not firm to begin with) 

After applying good amount of St. Ive Timeless Skin Collagen Elastic Facial Moisturizer on to my face I massage my face for 1 or 2 min till the product is fully absorb in my skin.

4) Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 

Yes yes I know you all must be tired of me mentioning Vaseline...but what can I do I basically end anything with Vaseline you may say it my holy grail product and for the price who can say no to Vaseline.

After my application of moisturizer I then apply small amount of Vaseline to the rough dry patches that are still left.

I use Vaseline to lock in the moisture so that it doesn't escape through out the night from my skin as the nights are always chiller and while are skin our skin is recovering in the night all the moisture would be locked in our pores resulting smoother skin and silky skin in the morning.

You can also do these steps in the morning too just skip the Vaseline and you will be good.

Within few day you will notice your skin looking brighter, healthier, smoother , and glowing and combating  the winter time beautifully.

And that is all for today post my sweet pies.

Hope you found this post helpful, if you have any question ask them away in the comment section below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.
Let me know if you have any of your quick skin fixes for the Winter Times ? I would love to know ...

Don't forget to share this post with your friends and family and anyone who is struggling with winter skin :) 

Till then I'll see you very very soon

Love Amna.



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  1. wow Vaseline really does have a lot of uses!! Thank you for all your brilliant tips, I love using lemon on my skin, I shall be trying out all these methods in the coming colder months! L xo

    1. I love Vaseline ....its so convenient and versatile :) So glad you liked the tips Liz. xxx

  2. I like the sound of the lemon! Sometimes I think the natural remedies are best!


    1. I agree with you...natural remedies are the best to do and fun too and get the work beautifully done :) Try this I promise it works as a gem...hehe...
      Thanks for stopping by sweety.

  3. I also like the sound of lemon.Thanks for sharing these all information.
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  4. Lemon is a great natural remedy for your skin. Try it on the back of your hand if you have sun spots, it will make your hands feel super soft and bright. Also, don't forget to wear natural sunscreen everyday. Even in the winter, the sun emits harmful rays. Prevention is key!

    1. I know Lemons are so good for your skin its amazing ....I love it :)
      Thanks you for stopping by :)


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