Monday, 30 December 2013

Nail Art |How to: New Year Eve 2014 Inspired

Hello there you all, how are you doing ? 

I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas holidaysss......

With New Year just around on the top of our head, like seriously where did this year go ? I thought to come up with a quick easy to do Nail Art and share it with you awesome people.

This Nail Art was inspired by all the sparkly, glittery, silver and gold eye make up look I have been seen all over the Youtube Community. 

gold and silver glitter nail art

So are you ready to rock the sparkle this New Year Eve and show off our inner shine through our outfit, makeup looks and of course Nails.....who can forget nails I know I can't :) 

Keep on reading if you want to know how I got these amazing Nail Ready for the New Year Eve.
 I promise its super duper easy.You know I love easy doing Nail Art. No fancy Nail Art Skills Required.

Nail Polishes and tools that you will need : 

1. Shimmery translucent nail polish something like this : 

Medora Nail polish 334 picture

2. Silver Nail Polish 

Dazz Matazza Nail Polish in silver orchid

3.Gold Glitter Nail Polish, chunky glitter required

Medora Gold Glitter Nail Polish  379 picture

4. Silver Glitter Nail Polish with chunky glitter and stars / or you can add stones 

Medora Chunky Glitter polish in 429

Medora 429 nail polish close up picture

5. Match stick / Toothpick to pick up the stars or stones.

Match Stick

How To :

Paint you base color the shimmer translucent color for the soft gradient look we will create.

shimmery base color for nail art

Then take your silver nail polish and dab it on the tip of your nail for the gradient and extra shimmer look. For the ring finger cover the whole nail with silver polish.
You want to dab the polish on to create extra texture effect to make it look more sparkly and shimmery.

Dabbing silver polish on the finger tips

Finish result for the silver gradient for the polish

After that take you chunky gold glitter polish and add that to your silver tips be gentle with this step as you don't want too much gold glitter but just tiny bits, to add more dimension.

Apply gold glitter to the finger tips

Finish look for the gold tips

And last but not the least add tons of stars on you ring finger, for the accent .

Applying star to the ring finger

the ring finger after applying stars

Top off with a top coat to merge everything in and seal in the stars.

Finish result for the Nail Art

And now you are done. Super fast and easy to do, right ?!?

Brace your within sparkle on your Nail and enjoy the New Year 2014 with grace :)

I hope this New Year make all your wishes come true and may you reach you dream :) and your 
New Year Resolutions

Let me know what you thought about this post :) want more Mani ? let me the comment box below and share one of your New Year Resolutions I surely will be sharing mine very soon ;D 

Till then lots of love,


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  1. love the glitter looking cute

    1. Glad you like it anood.....:) thanks for leaving the lovely comment

  2. Ahh this is so pretty!! I love a bit of glitter for New Years, I have some on myself at the minute which I'm desperately hoping won't chip before tomorrow :O

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Glitter get never old for the New Year.....ohh please share you mani I love me some glitter action pictures :)
      Thanks for stopping by sweety

  3. this is gorgeous! Can't beat glitter! My resolutions so far are to study hard, spend more time with my eldest niece and exercise a bit more! Happy New years Amna, hope you have a wonderful 2014 that brings you and your family much happiness and health :)
    L xo

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Lizzie :) and really great new year resolutions, now I miss my niece and nephew and spending time with them :( May this new year bring happiness and health to your family too :) and of course you.

  4. Wow! Happy new year dear


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