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ASQgenerates Style | Kendra's Fashion Challenge -Night Out at Downtown Disney

Hi sweet peas, how are you all doing so far ? 

My week has been quite busy but going well.

Today I have a another fashion post for you all but this time it a challenge :) who doesn't love challenges I surely do.

Few days ago I was contacted by the very lovely Kendra Thorton, who is a travel expert who has been featured on television shows like Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. She share her tips on planning, packing, and numerous other aspects of travel, and now is starting a new project on fashion related travel.

Kendra kindly asked me to join her 'Kendra's Fashion Challenge'and I was totally floored and couldn't deny.

Here what Kendra asked from me :  

 Kendra's Fashion Challenge with asqgenerates

Fashion Challenge with Downtown Disney Flair

Kendra's Fashion Challenge is about to hit Downtown Disney when I visit with my family. Finding the perfect fashions for my night out with my three kids is quite the challenge!  I could really use some help putting together the best outfits for Orlando. I am 40 years old and ready to hear the best fashion advice from some of my favorite premier fashion bloggers. Help me find an outfit that will compliment my family’s night out. I want to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience looking my best glowing with style! One of the things I look forward to on my trip is the House of Blues. The Downtown Disney location is always very lively, even during the day and on weeknights. Live music is always playing, you can even hear it from outside. The menu features some of the best BBQ in the area, and I am sure the kids will love it. Even if I don't get to see a famous band perform, I am always up for some dancing after a tasty meal. I really look forward to the all-American style at the House of Blues.
Having the right outfit could make or break my trip to Orlando. The city is full of sophisticated people enjoying a world-class resort. While I look forward to seeing some of the more relaxed areas of the large city as well, I am looking forward to Downtown Disney the most. Orlando is full of exciting opportunities to bond with family over various activities, delicious dinners, and unique shopping. No matter what you look forward to the most during your trip, looking good in Downtown Disney is a must! Having the right outfit will make the night one to remember for a lifetime.

After reading a few thing and visiting Downtown Disney and House of Blue well I mean virtually visiting I knew I wanted the lovely Kendra to sparkle in the Night time at Downtown Disney and well get all the attention to herself. 

Now wouldn't that be nice?! 

Let get started then :) 

Look 1:
Fabulous Chic:
'Kendra's Fashion Challenge' Fabulous Chic

This first outfit is a tribute to the lovely spring summer weather. The lace dress is so so so pretty. I combined the dress with a sheer shrug for the warmth if it gets chilly in the nigh-time at Downtown Disney.

The ankle strap heels adds feminine detail to the outfit,elongates the feet- adding few inches. But the straps on them makes them comfortable so if you want to swirls,dance and have some fun in the House of Blue so may do so.

To add color t the outfit I added a hot hot red clutch with the red lip.Kept the jewelry simple and in the gold tones matching the hardware of the clutch.For hair I loved the messy tousled bun to give a carefree vib.

And for the nail I liked the 3 combination of the pink, white and bronze tone nail laquer so what ever choose Kendra heart desire she may pick any color, all would look fabulous.

Making her look Fabulously Chic 

Look 2: 
Sparkle Style:
Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Sparkle Style

G.L.A.M and S.P.A.R.K.LE is what we are going for here. When you wear this beautiful Peplum Sequence black dress all eyes are bound to be on you .

The sparkling clutch amp up the outfit. The metallic 'Christian Louboutin 'Djalouzi' no doubt have it's own place and elevate this outfit to a completely different level. 

Bring on Fire.

For jewelry I chose very simple yet elegant pieces from Mall of Style. 

Makeup wise I opted for pink tone eye with a combination of the dark maroon red lip and the pink base nails with the sparkling tips.

Top Ballerina buns are a way to go for this outfit showcasing the back of the sparkling dress and embracing the bold/feminine/edgy look even further.

There is no holding back in this outfit.You surely can't be more breathtaking than this when you wear this outfit.
 You will feel like a queen and other will know you are the Queen ;)

The last but not the least;

Look 3: 
Easy , breezy beautiful:
Kendra's Fashion Challenge: Easy Breezy Beautiful

 This pearly theme wardrobe shout elegance from miles away.The beautiful lace detail top make the outfit as delicate as a flower and the canvas mini skirt add some warmth to the look, don't want Kendra feeling chilly in the night time.

The blush tone clutch with a bow feminize the outfit .For a more elegant look I chose the jewelry to be a combination of pearl and stones.

For shoes I chose these asymmetrical pink/maroon tone ankle booties to add color to the blush tone palette making the outfit up-to-date rather than giving an old-fashion vibe.

To have the non-effort look I went with the curly/wavy tousled hair with nude lip but wait and behold I added sparkling eye-shadow detail work in this look to make it look a bit on the glam side but not too much.
 I just can't seem to just leave the sparkle can I ?!?! Nope, I can't ! It's nigh time and I want Kendra to shine :) 

And this complete my 3 look that I came up with for the very lovely Kendra Thornton.

I hope you all and Kendra herself enjoy these look as much as I loved creating them.  

Tell me which look did you like the best for Downtown Disney ?

Would you leave something out and add anything in ?

Let me know in the comment below, i'll be reading them :)

Thank you once again Kendra for asking me to join you lovely Fashion Challenge I hope you liked my styling. 





  1. Good work Amna but option 1 and 2 more suited for a night out at a fancy restaurant. Option 3 makes more sense. My two scents: I think a nice classy jumpsuit with kitten heels would be more appropriate than a sparkly dress with high heels. Afterall, we are talking about disney downtown which lets not forget is full of families with small kids who are more concerned about having a good time than sporting a chic outfit. Most people come to DD after a tiring day at one of the theme parks so dressing for DD has to be all about comfort! :) Good luck!

    1. Hi M, thank you so much for your constructive criticism I really appreciate your input :)
      I like to experiment with my style and wanted to have one bold planned for the evening which I incorporated in the look 2 specially :) Love me some glam :D a little black dress can do no harm once in while specifically when you are on a holiday :). I did tone down a bit in the look 1 and 3 just for a more relax look but chic at the same time :)
      All in all variety is what I was aiming for :)
      Thanks again for your input and Good Luck :)
      Love Amna.

  2. I love these outfit combinations :D
    I was in Florida last summer and had never been to Downtown Disney before so it was a new experience and I really enjoyed it :D
    I really like 1 and 3, I also like the way you have collaged them together too :)

  3. You're so good with colour!
    I love number 3 especially- the perfect relaxed, chic look :)


Thank you for reading dearies and leaving your sweet comments I appreciate them so so much :) ♥

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