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Lifestyle | Inspiration Sunday : I will not be STOPPED.

Inspiration Sunday -Quote of the day

When your soul say stop. 

You tell yourself to start, and push extra hard.

Who know what life has in store for you? 

You never know when good things come in your way in that very moment.

Few days ago I announced on twitter that I might take a break from blogging due to the problem my family
was facing. In all honesty I was not able to concentrate on my blog and I didn't feel like talking about well I didn't feel like talking about anything.

This is what happens when you get the bad news you don't want to hear ;When tragedy hit you home, hit you in your face and you want to stop, you don't feel like doing anything.

May that be waking up in the morning, eating, doing routine work.

This is not the first time I have dealt with *life problem*  with that being said I have never let those
problems get in my head or my way.I have never dwell on the bad thing that happened but looked on a positive note see what I have learnt from those experiences and move on to my next step to see what the future has in store for me.I rather see the positive thing rather than cry over the bad.

Hopelessness is not my cup of tea. 
Hopelessness is not a Muslim cup of tea.

So I thought to myself that why am I being a person that I never was or wanted to be.

Why am I stopping, why this hopelessness/sadness getting inside of me.

Why am I not believing in my God/Allah like I always do and trust HIM that HE will never do me any harm.
That HE won't break me apart.
That HE wont put me in a situation that I cant deal with.
That HE does listen to his believer prayers sooner or later But HE does listen.

So here I am throwing my sadness and hopelessness away and continuing, pushing myself to continue with my dear blog. I know many people say that when you are not happy on the inside you don't do the what you like to do with passion. What I feel is that the people who push themselves even when they don't want to do what they are doing it makes them a stronger person. A courageous pupil who to continue to push themselves even when they don't WANT to continue in life.

God help them in whatever they are doing and gift them , for being brave enough to ignore/ attack the hopelessness/depression they were about to go through but refused to involve in that negative energy and believe in Him and in themselves.

As the saying is  'God/Allah help those who help themselves' and it is so true, when you ask your God to help you in whatever thing you need help in HE does help you out may you know it or not.

Lets browse through some point that I would like to share with you all and for my future self from this post:

1) Never feel sorry for yourself, and don't let worst part of your life ruin your life forever.

2) Bad things happens just like good thing happen.LIFE GOES ON. 

3) Allah/God make everything better even when you can't understand what is happening in your life, believe it is for the better-you just can't see the bigger picture.

4) Nothing happens for no reason. 

5) You learn from every experience. 

6) Don't let any tragedy stop you from continuing life, many years from now you will remember those days and be proud of yourself for conquering and defeating those days.

7) Life will get better, (In Sha Allah / if Allah wants)

8) You are worth it.

9) Be strong, you can do this, you can deal with any situation,Trust me God won't give you more than you can handle- HE knows you are strong human being now YOU believe it too.

10) Never ever ever QUIT on your life; it is very very precious for you to waste.

I know so many of you will be thinking that why am I being so iffy about this whole thing, about stopping my blog and not writing but if you knew me in person this blog is my love.
I love writing for you guys and sharing my thought all over this page and knowing that someone,somewhere will be reading my blog and gaining something from my post may that be related to beauty, fashion, life or whatever.

I love sharing my thought with you all and I wouldn't want to stop even if the sad days are daunting at me, I want to stand up and push them away and continue with something that makes me happy.

Who bloody ASQgenerates might just become something that even I would be shocked - keep on dreaming Amna, you got nothing to lose :D

And that what I want from you all my readers to do-keep on Dreaming and PUSHING you even don't know what Life has in store for you. You just have to keep on going.

when your soul say stop. 

You tell yourself to start, and push extra hard.

Who know what life has in store for you? 

That is it from me for today you folks....I hope you found this post somewhat helpful.

Please tell what do you do when you hear or get struck by the bad news; do you push or do you get in your shell like a turtle ?
and how do you make yourself fight the sadness that is inside of you ?

What I like to do is to watch millions and billion and gillions of Youtube videos seriously they take me to another world and relaxed.

That is it for now

Off I go now, see you all very soon :)

Love Amna 



  1. Your faith is really beautiful Amna and I so admire you.
    I'm going through a really rough patch at the moment- these words were exactly what I needed someone to say. Thank you. I think it is all too easy to get into our little bubbles but you're right, life is too precious.
    Sending you and your family lots of love, I'm positive that sunshine is on its way :)

    1. I was so scared for displaying my love for my religion Lizzie so I really appreciate you being open about what I have to say :) It is a beautiful faith isnt it ? It gives you a relief that you are not alone in your problems and HE is much more powerful than your problem seems to be like. We should never give up hope and we should always trust HIM and HIS plans for us.Life must be hard but it makes us stronger day by day. Imagine life being as simple as ABC then how would we grow as a human being ? How would we compile our experience and grow from them? Wouldn't that be boring.
      Tragedy happens and only then we appreciate the small happiness and cherish them or else we would be spoiled brats :D not appreciate anything. I remember my childhood was a happy journey but it didnt teach me much but these rough days are making me grow every day and teaching me how to smile even when my heart is suffering & even though I hate these sad day so much and just want them to go I am thankful for them as they are teaching me patience and making my belief stronger and closer to my God.
      I am so Glad my words help your soul may your problems have a end very soon :) and you be blessed with many more good days than bad :) Sending love to you my dear and hey if you want to chat don't hesitate I am always here for you ♥
      Sorry for a another post in my comment didn't mean it to be soooo long cant control on my words, Can I ?!?! Nope.
      Take care Love

  2. Amnaaaa, this was beautiful but sad and I sincerely hope that whatever you and your family are going through is resolved soon - you are a strong and fabulous girl and a brilliant writer, and I for one know that when you love writing and your head is somewhere else and in a struggle, the words just don't come out the same...
    Well done for carrying on, as you said life goes on and it's too precious, every cloud has a silver lining and good will always follow the bad, don't ever forget that :)
    You should definitely be proud of yourself Amna, keep smiling :) <3
    Holly Mixtures

    1. Holly :D Thank you so much dear I feel so proud now that you like my writing although its nothing like yours :)
      Thank you for appreciating my work it took me alot more day to write this than I thought as you mentioned it can be a hard thing to write when you mind is somewhere else.
      Just keep me and my family in your prayer sweety , we would love that to gather all the prayers in the world :)
      Take care and Thank you for reading
      Love Amna


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