Friday, 18 July 2014

ASQgenerates Life Update

Hi guys, how are you all doing ?

2014 mid has brought many many changes in my life. Its been crazy busy but I just cant complain.I loving each and every bit of it even though I miss the time I use to spend on my blog :). 

Fashion Designing is a lot of work and for your girl time management suck pretty badly hence no post at all for you guys :(

I missed writing to you all and just coming up with blog post idea in and writing .

Now that I am on a 2 week break I have few post in mind that I want to start posting soon .

If you have an certain post that you would like to see from me let me know in the comment below :) .

Life Update : 

Mom is doing a lot better for those who are wondering she still have to take few medicine and go to doctor for now monthly checkup but hopefully soon that would stop,finger crossed.

Dad is on his medication and fighting his disease so please I request you remember him in your prayer it would mean the world to me :)

Next news was a surprise for me, my blog that you are reading right now was feature at for the 'Best Beauty Blog in Pakistan' with some other darling ladies. Did not expect this at all so thank to Clasf for this honor I am so humbled.

If you looking for new girl to read to hop on to and give it some time you might find few other gems that are all over the internet. 

Uni would start back up at 4 of August I know so little days for a break but I just can't wait to go back.

Tell me how are you holding up this tough life of yours? 

Going Strong ?

What are you doing for your holidays?

Tell me in the comment box below and I will chat with you right there :D

Till then see you in my next post 

Take care 

Love Amna.S.Q

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1 comment:

  1. Congrats on being featured- I agree! :D
    Really glad you're enjoying uni! Fashion design must be amazing.
    Love and good health to your mum and dad- they are in my thoughts.
    Looking forward to reading your posts!
    L xo


Thank you for reading dearies and leaving your sweet comments I appreciate them so so much :) ♥

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