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How To : Do a At Home Pedicure

With sun is now officially blazing over our head, its the time to take out all your lovely fancy sandals out, let our feet breath and get them looking and feeling soft and beautiful.

Winter can cause a lot of dryness and  flakiness to our feet so we need to take care of them before anything.

Going to saloon for treatment can be relaxing and pleasurable but then thinking about all the other things that come with it i.e foot fungus, infection make me run far far away from there.

Why risk our beautiful feet when we can achieve the same salon result at home ?

I was asked from the Julep to share my way and tips, trick on how I do I get my feet ready for the summer time.

And I just couldn't say no, I am no way an expert in this area but doesn't hurt to share what I do to keep my feet ready for summer.

How to pedicure guide cover photo

There will be lots of foot pictures so please be prepared for foot action :D

Things you shall prepare before you start your Pedicures

>A big tub filled with hot/warm water ; be sure its not burning hot that you are left with burnt skin as that would not be fun.

>Alka-Seltzer , I know what you must be thinking that why would you use a pain reliever tablet to make your feet nice and soft but trust me this stuff help smoothing out the skin and makes the skin baby soft.

>Any kind of soap or you can use shampoo just to clean your feet as the same time while pampering them.

>Olive Oil

>Nail clippers

>Nail filer

>Orange Stick to push back your cuticles.

>Any kind of exfoliator

>Cuticle Oil ( if you don't have cuticle oil then you can simple substitute that with plain olive oil, no need to stress)

>Skin filer/ buffer ; to get rid of dead skin

>Nail polish remover

>Cotton balls



>Before starting anything wipe off previous nail polish you may have, even if you don't just use some nail polish remover to wipe off any dirt and nasty oil that might be on your nails.

Excuse me for my nasty foot- it's just because I was too busy in work and didn't have the time to buy new remover earlier than this; resulting nasty chipped dry cracked Feet....EKKKKKK

How To:Pedicure step 1

How To:Pedicure step 2

After you are done using the nail polish remover apply some olive oil or your cuticle oil if you have one on your cuticle and on your nail bed this soft up cuticle dead skin so after it will be easy for your to remove any dead skin and not create any cuts.

How To:Pedicure step 3

Now In your hot water tub pour in 2 tablet of Alka-Seltzer  few drops of shampoo and olive oil.

How To:Pedicure water prepartion

Dip your feet gently in the tub please be careful that the water is not too hot for your tolerance.

How To:Pedicure step 5

Relax for 20 to 30 minutes, read a magazine, listen to some music or however you fancy.

After you feel you water starting to cool off a bit you can now use a exfoliator to get of dirt and dead skin off you would start noticing your heels being super soft this part due to the Alka-Saltzer.

How To:Pedicure step 6

Get your orange stick or your nail filer tip and gently remove the dead skin of your nail bed and under your nail bed.This part is actually my favorite part, I just love the feeling of getting all the gunk out of my nails so nice to see.

Now is the time to also shape and trim your nails. Personally I like keep my feet nail rather short and I totally cut my toes nail completely, something that I prefer.

How To:Pedicure step 7

Take your skin filer and start filing the dead skin on the pressure point of your feet or where ever you see dead skin. When you removing the dead skin be very gentle with this process and take your time.

How To:Pedicure step 8

If you suffer from corn which I do too :( , you want to take your time and gentle to remove the dead skin that is near your corn it can be painful so don't be too harsh with it.

Pat the corn area dry and follow up with a medicated bandage.

PS: you may have to change the medicated bandage few times. When you feel after few days that there is enough medication get your warm tub again dip your feet in it leave it for few mins and the medication will soften up.

Now you can start peeling the medication off , gently remove the medicine it should peel of like dead skin and with that your corn should also get removed.
You may need a scissor to cut after you feel that your skin is also being pulled and cut the medicine from there.

I don't have my corn yet or else I would have shown the process in picture, but surely if I get one I'll document it for you if you need to see how I pull my corn out of my feet.

Now prep to paint you nails-the fun part.

Use nail polish remover to wipe off any oil on your nails so that the nail varnish stick to your nail bed and last longer.
Pick your favorite summer color.

I am choosing this glitter gold color as glitter always call my nail in summer and this gold nail varnish was screaming to me.

With this color on my feet I feel like the sun is blazing on my nail bed and it looks gorgeous when it hits the sunlight.

Julep had many nail color to choose from their website so you may also like to check that out and add some pretty colors to your nail collection.

How To:Pedicure gold glitter nail polish

How To:Pedicure final product

How To:Pedicure final product 2

How To:Pedicure final product 3

Finish off with a top coat and that is it, You are ready .

Wear your summer sandals and show off your beautiful smooth and soft feet.

Remember to use feet lotion at night to maintain your feet smooth and soft, you may also use Vaseline after the moisturizer to really lock in the lotion. Do this daily and you feet will never feel dry and flaky like they use to.

Hope you all reading this post found this helpful.

Till then Take Care :)


Lots of Amna.

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  1. Thanks for the step by step tips Amna-really helpful as I also prefer to do at-home pedicures!
    Really love the glittery gold polish- so pretty! I love your sandals too! :o)
    L xo

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