Sunday, 19 August 2012

ASQgenerates First Post !

 I do not how to start this whole ‘new’ journey I am planning on doing for my future  FOREVER I( hope).

 But here we go anyway with and see where it takes me. 
As I have learnt it’s better to try then to regret it later in life.

In my previous year I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos all day everyday…especially the beauty video. They are just so addictive to watch*really* and must I include -amusing - entertaining -exciting and most importantly informative.

They suck you right in and when you look outside your window….bam…its MIDNIGHT: 0

Can I say I am obsessed!?!?

In my teen year I was never in to make up, fashion or hair-my mom did all that work for me…and still do that sometimes when I am in the bad day mod. (She is more in to grooming than me……she just love Fashion and everything about it.)

Now my purpose on here…you may ask……I love to talk in general and then I love to talk about beauty, fashion and life.
 I can go on and on and on about one thing and cannot stop.

It’s bad. :0

So I had an idea to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys for my *growing* love for makeup, fashion, and much much more.

I hope you enjoy reading my article and get to learn and take something from it each time you read it……

I am going to stop right here…and if you have read the whole thing ….I love you ….thank you so much. Hope I didn't scare you away with the enormous life history of mine….and you stay tune for upcoming  post.

Take care everybody.

Talk to you all very soon.

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