Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Goal Every Month♥ Month 2 :) Drinking water

Heyllo there peeps how are you all doing ? and how is your new goal every month going? 
what is your plan for this month?

For me this month goal would be Drinking Water - We all know it, and we all have heard it how good water is for our health and everything in our body.

Skin, hair, nails you name the thing and water is good for it.

So for this Month my Goal is going to be consuming 8 glasses of Watorrrrr….hehe I mean WATER

Update on previous Goal.

my sleeping late night is gotten better the max I stay awake is 1 and after that is bed time….i am still working on to improve on it so ya…

Don’t forget to let me know how is your Goal going in the comment below….:)

Take care sweet buds…

You know it ....love you all..

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lets talk Make Up brushes shall we?!?!?!

In the beginning when I started watching beauty related YouTube Videos i was introduced to many wonders that I never knew of 

:skin care, foundation, concealer, bronzer, contouring, highlighting, eyebrows grooming
basically almost everything.

Things that I knew about: Baby Powder for skin yes I used baby powder to matte and get a good complexion, 
Blush, Lip liner, Lipstick/lip gloss and mascara.

So basically I was introduce to beauty new level and I was pleasantly amazed.

Another thing I was introduced to were…Makeup Brushes……and man you could find 1000s or more of “My Must Have Mac Brushes/Brushes videos on Youtube.

Back then -I clicked away all those must have videos and made an list of the brushes that I thought I NEED to have to get the best makeup application.

Then with that list I went to ‘MAC’ –so I just asked the girl to show me the
 Famous ‘ KABUKI BRUSH-182 brush’ ahhh how much I wanted that brush….:) for a beautiful powder foundation application ,I asked her the price– 
 its was 500 dirham….:0 what????? FIVE HUNDRERd FREAKING DIRHAM….I was shocked-
Thinking about it now I could seriously would have gone to a shopping spree with those 500 ……..

Anyway so I researched through the whole store jotted down the price range and went home… and never went back to purchase the brushes.

Thanks to my parents who could say no to any of my unnecessary wishes and say you don’t need it …..back then I was upset/angry and didn’t get why my parents were being like this- as girls even below my age had those HELL EXPENSIVE BRUSHES BUT I COULDN’T ughhhhhhhh …


You must be wondering why am I ranting over the brushes. RIGHT???

Well I tell you why now…..

I am writing my hearts out on this post to tell all the girls who think they need expensive brushes for good makeup application that and i want to tell them that 
                                                                'No you don’t need them as much you are think you do or as much as you are convinced you have to have them the reality is actually not ….
                                           Yes I won’t disagree that good quality makeup brushes do benefit you a lot but don’t break your heart if you can’t buy one or can’t afford one.

And work with what you got.

 If you can afford it then sure get it but if you don't then don't dwell on it like i did for few months actually                                                                                                  .GUILTY.
 I learnt my lesson and hopefully would have changed a little bit of your mind off the '
Ahhh so Amazing best brushes ever....

Hopefully .Finger crossed


Now my next post will be based on some of my less expensive brush collection and the brushes that i think are worth the try and worth for a shout out....

Hope you all enjoyed reading  this preetyy ranty post 
let me know your thought on makeup brushes .
What you think about the hype that surround the makeup brushes do you think that they are a must or....
agree with what i said??? 

As always you know i love reading your thoughts on the comments section so let me know....
i response back..hehe 

Till then take care 
Come back soon for more chit and chat.

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I WUV you all...

Friday, 15 March 2013

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE


This week post is super exciting for me to share with all of you and to be honest I am quite proud of it 

It’s a DIY…..and who doesn’t like DIY …right??

As per usual like any of my other DIY post this also is going to be an 

easy peasy, 

fun to do


  …I hope you try it out for yourself.

So without any further ado shall we get started then….?!?! YES I think so…

For this Design -

Things you’ll need

1)      An empty candle jar

2)      PVA Glue

how it should look like....:)

3)      Acrylic paint

4)      Ink Paint

5)     Brushes

•Angled brush

•A Fan brush


•Spiky/ rough Old bristle brush

That’s it for what you need ..lets get to  

What you need to do …☺

1)      Get your plain boring candle jar ready-

Washed and Dried ☺

Candle Jar

2)      With your PVA/German Glue and angled brush start making small clumping strokes on your candle jar and repeat the pattern throughout the jar.

Applying PVA to the candle jar

Applying PVA Glue to the jar

applying glue to the bottom of the jar

Let the PVA glue dry and repeat this process 3 to 4 time 

Applying another PVA glue to the jar

Till you get the chunky texture throughout your jar.

after the glue dries

3)      Now paint on the jar with a crimson/red acrylic paint.

crimson red paint

Applying red crimson paint to Jar

4)      After your paint dry  then it’s time to add some gold sparkle – Get your spiky old brush -blot the gold paint around a tissue to get the excessive off and then gently rub it very lightly but roughly  against the jar

Apply gold paint sparingly on the jar to add texture

5)      Finish off by sealing in your design with getting some PVA glue mixed in water and apply it around the jar for that glossy touch.

And that is all . 

Put your candle in there and LIGHT it up ☺





DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE in daylight

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE in sunlight

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE in the dark

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE in the dark with candle light up inside

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE detail with flash light

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE detail without the flash

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE detail of the jar

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE different angle of the jar

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE reflection,playing with the photography

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE dark environment with candle lit up insdie

DIY Candle Jar : Jar On FIRE final picture with other decoration pieces and candle

Take Care you all....

Hope you enjoyed this post as much i had fun doing it. 

See you real soon.

Till then 

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tip on how to: Care For Your Hair♥

2 year back I cut my hair short and I mean from hair till ‘mid back length’ to ‘shoulder length’ in layer - I loved it!!!

If I could cut them again I surely will. But for my mom request I have been growing them back again. Now when my “Growing Hair Out Journey” begin I wanted to keep them as healthy as possible and to keep them nice looking and at their best position as I humanly can.
So here I have some basic, cheap and easy to do tips for you to take care of your hair and tips that actually help me.

Hope you find this article helpful and enjoy it.

Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil is a cheap, natural and excellent moisturizer.

♦Apply Olive Oil some on 1 hour before going to shower apply on to your scalp and tips and see the difference yourself and hey you don’t need a lot of olive oil…start with few drops and built your way up if you think you need more but 2 to 5 drops works wonder too.

♦You can also pamper your hair by giving them Hair Treatment with Olive Oil – heat up your  olive oil in the microwave for 10 to 20 sec slightly hot but not scorching hot apply on your scalp till the tips, cover your head  with plastic cap or leave it like that in a bun -(how I do it-I have no shower cap), wait for 1 hour or more if you want .Then  shampoo and rinse off the olive oil you may find shampooing two time if you have to go somewhere to get your hair complete clean but if you are at home 1x shampoo is fine at least for me I don’t mind oily looking hair at home. Then next day when you shampoo your hair  the olive oil will be removed completely leaving your hair beautifully different ♥

♦Last tip you can get 1 drop of olive oil and apply on to your ends at night and sleep in it…helps a lot with the damaged ends but beware don’t use straightening or curling iron or you hair after this or else your hair will fry….and you don’t want that…

Braid your hair when sleeping

While so many of us sleep with our hair tied in a bun or not tied at all -I just can emphasis on how much it can cause damage to our hair. As while we sleep we toss and turn and I don’t what else –this  makes our hair in a tangly horrid mess, sleeping with braid would avoid that you hair won’t be all knotted and a lot less breakage will be cause and when you wake up you will have a beautiful wave in your hair. 

Get a Wide tooth comb

Who ever invented the Wide tooth comb ……Kudos to them….since I traveled back to my motherland I somehow left my previous wide tooth comb back in Dxb. And I was using a regular hair brush which seriously ripped so many hair out of head and made brushing out tangle a very painful chore to do -  so when I went out to the market and saw this baby-wide tooth comb I had to grab it and man it made me really notice on how much I loved this thing and how much it made my hair brushing experience good and relaxing than the pulling and tugging experience ♥. I highly recommend the Wide tooth comb to anyone Don't care what kind of hair you have get this. You will witness less breakage and brushing hair wont be difficult anymore and hey its cheap I got mine for RS.50 and its an investment as it would last many years….if you keep it safe and wont forget when shifting….hahaha like me…

Get your Ends Trim

Yes I know the very repetitive advice but getting your hair trim  does help with the health of your hair. Try to trim your hair every 2 to 3 month get the 1 inch off  to get rid of the split ends.

Don’t SLEEP with wet HAIR….

Your hair are so fragile when they are wet and then sleeping in it- it’s a major hair disaster and so don’t do it….sleep when hair is semi dry or completely dry If you can and then you can braid them in and sleep.

And that is it you guys.

….Hope this post helped you any some way and when you will try these tips as always let me know how it went for you and your experience I love hearing from you .


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See you all very soon.

 Till then you take care

I love you all…..♥♥♥

Monday, 4 March 2013

TAG!!! Confession of a Blogger ♥

So the very lovely and sweet Hanzy from the blog http://thoughtwithlove.blogspot.co.uk(not blogging anymore) :( tag me to do this Confession of a Blogger Tag and I am so excited to jump right in to it, thanks Hanzy for tagging me and anyone who is reading check out her blog she does amazing beauty and fashion related post.

 Now off with my answers for the tag question hope you all enjoy ♥

When did you start your blog?
Saturday, 18 August, 2012 

Have you had any online presence before (Other blog, Youtube)
Actually yes I did. A few months back I started doing my university related blog -showing my inspiration and my creative dairy pages in relating to fashion designing but then I had to stop my studies so I shut down that blog

Why did you start a blog?
Out of boredom really, I had moved back to my motherland and I had nothing to do plus I always wanted to have a blog where I could share my thoughts, experience, and everything that I can share –say it they may be: reviews, nail art or whatever that interest me and that I think other may enjoy.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
Since day one! Although I started my blog out of boredom I have to say I was serious since the very beginning - & I know I might not post quite often but trust me I am trying to get there….. so please be with me till I reach to that level & I will love you extra extra moreJ.

What was your first post?
It was an intro to my blog-very cheesy and emo.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Taking photographs ……. single handed can be a bit difficult –it’s fine when I am taking nail art picture or product picture but I just can’t figure out how to take self-picture without the focus issue. But hopefully shall learn in the future finger crossed ;)

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Actually I expect a lot from my blog.
Here is the list if you wanna know hehe….:
♥ Get a good following of lovely devotees,
♥ Get some good reviews out + with latest products,
♥ Get creative with my posts,
Inspire people with different ideas,
Motivate & Spread out hope,
♥Get better quality pictures,
And maybe work with companies –ahhh that would be a Dream.♥

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The lovely and supporting comments….you have no idea when you guys comment on my post I always always do this little dance up and down ↕ like a celebration and it just electrify me in to doing another post as fast as I can. I just love it. Also getting followers it’s amazing to know that there are people who are interested in knowing what you are writing about. I like that very much.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I try to take things lightly so nothing to feel discourage about honestly I am very happy for now with my progress and hopefully it shall stay this way finger crossed.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?      
You people supporting me and commenting on my blog- means the whole wide world to me and also me achieving my ambition to reach out to people and connect with you all…..seriously so rewarding.

I'm tagging:

And you if you are reading this then you are TAGGED you pretty one….
So Do IT
…and if you let me know in the comment section I would love to read your answer.

Hope you all had fun getting to know me a little better and ill see you very very soon with a new post.

Till then Take care.

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