Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nail of the Week & Review -Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER/ POLISH

First of all guys I am so sorry for being gone -well almost 10 more day to go and 1 month complete….i am so sad …:( I was occupied with my dad work that I couldn’t take time out for my blog…but hopefully now I am back and will be posting more frequently….:)

So let’s begin with the :

Nail of the Week:

        I have seen so many people do these and I adore nail polish so why not pop these in here.

This week I was wanting something chic looking on my nails…and I saw 
“Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER”  in beige #12 
sitting on my desk…. and it was staring right at me SO why not…...... I got this nail polish from my home country for PKR 125-130 and was not aware of this brand so I was very much nervous but interested to try out.

This is a very beigy nude pinky color close like the one used for the French manicure ,but in two coat you get this opaque beige polished nail look.

Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER packaging

At the first coat you won’t see a major difference …it come out as a very natural coat of beige but very pretty 
Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER first coat
First Coat:)

I wanted much more opacity so I applied a second coat and 

Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER 2nd coat
Second Coat

A very true to its color and most of the time I don’t see that with light colors.

Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER-quality of the polish

I was a Happy Bird for this week :)

 I don’t know how I didn’t use this nail polish before: 0

Sometimes you can see the nail line but that is not always… its not obvious or irritating. 

Secondly I will say that it can become a bit streaky if you are not careful but that what’s almost all the light color tend to do (or what I have experienced with most of my light colored nail polishes), but when applied correctly its applies beautifully,as you can see there is no crazy streak party on the nail.

Lasting day…..It lasted for almost 3 days… could stretch it out till 5 days.

Drying time….1rst coat took 5 mins
2nd coat -10 mins
Total Drying time  20min……and then its smudge proof…:)

And opps I almost forget…..

This is what the brush looks like 

Golden Rose PARIS NAIL LACQUER brush head

nothing to special as I like my brushes to be on the thicker side …
but as this get the job done I have no issues.

Would I Recommend it…….YES.

So have you ever tried this brand out or even heard of before?

 How was you experience?

And did you like this post???

Let me know….and please leave in your suggestion or idea in the comments below

Talk to You all very soon…

Take care you guys:)

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