Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Nails Art....:)

So here am I with a New Year inspired Nail Art that is super easy for the beginners in nail art department Its….Super Sparkling, Glittery, and Twinkly.

If you want to know how I created this nail art then keep on scrolling down and I will tell you everything:) 

New Year Nails Art finished product

For this Nail Art I incorporated the color that I think goes with the New Year eve Reds…Blackss…and Silver…J

Step 1:

I painted my thumb and Pinky finger a black colour which has these tiny gold shimmer:)

My Index Finger and the ring finger blood red colour :)
Then paint my Middle finger with a shimmery silver colour.

Red,Black and Silver painted nails

Step 2:

Starting from the pinky finger get a tape or you can get these french tip nail stencil and put that right in the middle of your nails:)

This step goes for all of your nail except the middle finger...leave that alone.

Note: You can skip this step and just eyeball the next step-this is just to make things easier.

Black polish nail with stencil

Red polish nail with stencil
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Step 3:
Now paint the tip of your nail with the opposite colour i.e. 
Red Base--Black shimmer tips 
Black Base-Red tips
After 2 to 3 seconds remove the tape/stencil.

Black tip on the red base

Black tip on the red base
The result you get after removing the tape:

after the stencil is removed

Step 4:

Now come the fun step- Applying glitter --on each and every nail tip
cover the Middle nail whole with glitter

Apply glitter on the tips

applying glitter on the tips

Don't forget to Finish this design with a Clear Top Coat as you need it for this just make thing look merged in well....
It looks better this way....and polished looking...:)

New Year Nails Art showing off the glitter in different light

Hope you all like this & give it a try and rock this on….
And may this coming year bring lots of joy in your life and may you shine just like these nails and even more….

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 You all…

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