Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nail Art: Red Elegance

Hey Everybody....
How are you all doing today?

Today I have a Nail Art for you all.

Its a pretty easy to do nail design nothing too difficult but I thought to share this with you all anyway and maybe give you some idea for your nail manicure...and also many of you like these kind of basic simple nail design :)

Finished product in Daylight

So without further me rambling on and on let's get started.....

For this nail art design you'll need:

-Any nail color of your choice -I used Red Nail polish

-White Nail Polish




-Top Coat

Things you need

The Process :)

1)Put tape on the top half on your nail.

Applying Tape to nail

2) Apply Red polish on the bottom of your nail .

Apply red to tips

3) Remove the tape after few seconds,
-don't worry if you get some polish like i did on you skin just soak up some cotton swab in nail polish and clean the edges:) 
or sometimes it get clean off while taking a shower ;)

Remove the tape

4)Now get ready with your white polish with a toothpick and add one line of tiny whites dots across the nail :)

Adding Dots

6) Add the top coat

And you are Done -
 super simple easy to do yet elegant nail design.

Final Product without Flash
Without the Flash inside the Home 

Finish Product with Flash
With Flash inside the Home:)

I wore this manicure on a wedding- hence the red color but seriously this combination would look good on any occasion or a party
 if you want to change the base color be my guest :) and play up with the design -
Did you try this design.... tweet  me the picture so i can see your creation...

That is about you beautiful little angles:) 

In the comment below let me know what you thought about this post 
Liked it or NOT
 ...spill it outty:) 
You know I appreciate any feedback 

Have any recommendation or suggestion for me for my next post that you want me to do ...??? 
Leave them all down in the comment section and I will try my level best to act on them.

Till then you take care my lovelies...
I'll see you very very soon....


And dont foget to Share as sharing  is Caring

Love you all.

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