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THE REVIEW :Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural & Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry Lip Balm

With the winter season chapped lips are a hell a lot of pain and evil to deal with….

Now if you are on a search of a nice lip moisturizer/ lip balm then keep on reading …

Labello is the brand that introduced me to the lip balm world .Most of their lip balm I have tried out. Some I love and some Not so much….

Today I will be going to talk about the one that I absolutely love and the one that in my opinion works wonder….:)

REVIEW :Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural & Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry Lip Balm

Let’s start with the Lip gloss which also works as a excellent lip balm first which inspired me to write this Review.

Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural pacakaging

My 5 year old niece - got this lip gloss for herself & after she used it for quite some time she got herself a new tube and gave this with me and since then its with me.

The description of this lip gloss is…

Glamorous Natural Gloss gives lips a dazzling, shimmering shine and the gentlest hint of creamy pink for glamorous yet natural lips with an incredibly moisturized, non-sticky finish.

Amount of Product: 8.5 ml

Shelf Life: 12 M


First and foremost I’ll agree with the entire thing listed in the description above, as this product does what is says.

1)     The applicator on this has a slant which makes the product easily & smoothly applied; filling in everything, giving an even application.

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural application tip

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural application tip from the side

2) The formulations is just like jelly without the sticky feeling; your lips feel silky smooth and hydrated/moisturize up to 3-5 hours.

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural consistency

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural colour

3)      It has a hint of pink and tiny silver & gold flecks in it that you can’t feel on your lips which is a nice.

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural swatch on the hand

4)   The slight pink make your lip look healthy and the tiny sparkle which you cant really see but it make your lips

5)      For being a 2 in 1 product i.e. lip gloss and a lip moisturizer the price for this is decent.


1)   Although I love the applicator on this product ,I don’t appreciate the squeeze tube packaging. I am a person that likes to use my product till the very last drop and this makes me feel that I would waste some of the product that will be left on the sides, which I don’t like.

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural  squeeze tube pacakaging

I’ll cut it the tub open after I have finished the product and then we’ll see if completed the entire product or Not…(will be updating this;) )

Would I repurchase this in future??

Yes, this product is something that you can use in the place of a clear lip gloss that has lots of extra oomph to it and is cheap from other lip gloss- at least the one that I have bought before so it’s a win win.


Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry

Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry packaging

The description on this say:

Cranberry & Raspberry Vitamin Shake is a swirled, subtly tinted balm that leaves lips kissed with a hint of creamy, natural color and an irresistible satin finish for a healthy glow.

Amount of product: 4.8 g/5.5 ml

Shelf Life: 12 M

If you are on a look out for a lip balm with something extra then you should check this one. 

The packaging on this is so pretty and beautiful; I was sucked in very quickly. 
Unique and different.

Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry tube shape

 At first I was bit hesitant as I was using the 
Labello Lip Balm in Milk and Honey 
and it was doing wonders, I didn't want to change it but at the same time it was getting boring, so I made a mental note to myself that when the Milk and Honey finishes I would try this
Vitamin Shake 
out….and so I did.

The Pro

1)     Cutest packaging ever and product ever!! The design on the lip balm itself is just to die for. It seriously look like a Cranberry and Raspberry milkshake. 

Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry -how the product look like

2)      The smell- if you know Fruit-Tella -the -Strawberry flavor, this is the exactly the same smell (fruity and sweet) which makes me love this even more. It’s like Fruit-Tella in a lip balm.

3)      It moisturize…..Yahhhhhh…’s fancy yet keep the lip hydrated and add a beautiful color to you lips- making them look plump and healthy.

4) If you are someone who is not in to lipstick and is looking for something that add a hint of color then this is good for you. 
On days when sometimes I don’t want to reach to my lipsticks I just outline my lips with a color that is close to my lips and swipe this on and its looks beautiful-very natural.

5)    Has SPF 10.

6)  Contains- Vitamins E,C and Pro B5-if they say so...

7)     You get good amount of product and lasts for quite some time for a decent price-
I have been using mine since 6 months and still remains.


1)      Hmmm.... the smell might put you off if you are not a fan of fruity scents.

2) It’s so soft and creamy it can melt -in summer ,if you leave it in a hot place.

Other than that it’s a pretty nice product and does its job great.

Would I repurchase this in future??

Yes Yes Yes!
 No doubt!
 It’s cute, fun and does the job nicely.

Total Repurchase Quality :)

The swatch Picture
 The Before and After picture:

Labello-Glamorous Gloss Natural & Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry Lip Balm comparison
Top Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural
Bottom : 
Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry LipBalm

Chapped dyhydrated lips picture

Lip swatch with Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural
With-Labello Glamorous Gloss Natural

Lip swatch with Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry Lip Balm
With -Labello Vitamin Shake Cranberry &Raspberry Lip Balm

Hope you found this review helpful and informative.

I'll see you all very soon.

Take care.

Good bye:)

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