Thursday, 21 February 2013

♥New Goal Every Month♥One Goal Every Month♥

A quote that made me chuckle and made me  generate this post ….well actually to be honest I had this idea for long before I read this quote but it did gave me a boost to post this up

“If you're trying to be miserable, it's important you don't have any goals. No school goals, personal goals, family goals. Your only objective each day should be to inhale and exhale for sixteen hours before you go to bed again. Don't read anything informative, don't listen to anything useful, don't do anything productive. If you start achieving goals, you might start to feel a sense of excitement, then you might want to set another goal, and then your miserable mornings are through. To maintain your misery, the idea of crossing off your goals should never cross your mind.” 
John Bytheway, How to Be Totally Miserable

New Goal Every Month……or One Goal One Month

I am going to get a bit emotional here please bear with me.

The past year of my life I have been through so much that I find myself stuck in all of the junk and can’t seem to move on forward and to “Being Productive” hence my blog title….
This blog for me is something that I started to get out of this slouchy life and well as I said before to be productive….It is something very unusual and something that makes me alleviate myself and think out of my zone….my comfort zone.
And trying to inspire someone, and reach out, Good Idea???
I hope so….

Now finishing with the emo and off with the topic

I wanted to start -having one goal each month; and then adding another goal the next month makes sense??  So at the end of the year when finished you/we shall have a whole new you that we wanted to be since the beginning.

I know how difficult it can be to start when you have so many goals and you just don’t know where to even begin. But in this routine we can achieve your/our goal slowly but surely.

Now the key is that don’t make it this big chore you have to everyday with trouble but start with small, (like a puzzle.)

 It could be as small as a pea, a fly, an ant but something that would change up the routine of yours just a tiny bit. "(Hope that you are getting what me saying…)"

So are you are willing to join in with me to the “One goal per month”????

Of course with your own chosen goal or even on mine,
so we shall arrive to a better place that makes us feel good.

Now the reason I am keeping the time limit for one month is as one month it not too long or short as a time limit, you can concentrate on one thing and change any bad habit/routine you have and get use to the good habit.

With this month goal for me will be

Sleeping Early and Waking Up Early- that would be two things but they kind of go hand in hand so…yup easy & breezy.


 That is it for this month….short and simple....

PS. I know I know the date I am doing this ‘Series is like almost end of the month but I thought we could just start off with a date -so as in I am starting this on 20th February so my whole month will complete on 20th March –get it nothing too difficult, as I hate waiting for the next month  to start –so I am just jumping right into now other than later.

You do what suits you the best….and I will be here wishing you best of luck….

Please let me know if you are doing this and share your thoughts on this Topic -Series as I may call it I love reading your comments .

Till then take care you guys…..

 I made this poster kind of a thing for some Inspiration and to pump up that blood to start living a life full of goals….

 Lots of Love....:)♥♥♥

See you Soon....


follow i would really like that 

Bye Bye...

Inspiring quotes

Sunday, 10 February 2013

VALENTINE NAIL ART :Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure :)

Hi you guys…..hope you all are doing well and enjoying this year to the fullest.

Today I am so excited to bring you some easy to do Valentine Nail Art….
It’s simple, cute and very valentine like.…..

Hope you like this design and try it out. 

So lets get started with this design:

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure

Things you’ll need:

Things you'll need

1)      Base Coat

2)      Bubblegum colour nail polish – for the base colour

3)      White nail polish - for the half-moon tip

4)      Stencil with the half -moon shape

5)      Toothpick

6)      Top coat- for that finish touch.

 Lets start with the process shall we?

1)      Paint your base coat first.

2)      Paint your nail the bubblegum pink or any pink you like…

Bubblegum color nail polish

3)      Get your stencil and try to put it right in the middle of your nail.

Nail stencil in the middle of the nail

4)      Paint on white nail polish on the tip and remove after few seconds:)

White tip

Remove the nail stencil from the middle

5)      Get your toothpick ready and make 5 little dot on the edge the white line-you can see in the diagram below 

Put 3 dots starting from edge but leave space ( I don’t think I am explaining this right am I?) - 
put alternating dots like in the picture below 
 hoping you understand by what I mean….

Nail Pattern

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -close up

6)      Repeat the the design on all the nails & finish  off with the clear top coat and 
you are done….

Your cute easy to do Valentine Inspired Nail Art Manicure is complete…

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -Nail Art photograph

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -different angle picture

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure picture

Hope you would try this on…..

If you try this design out please send me a picture through twitter or Facebook or Pinterest….i would love to see your take on this design.

Till then take care and stay tune for some more fun nail art in the very near future for the 
Valentine Theme….

….now me off to take this nail art off….and try to create some other nail art and hopefully share it with you all…..


Thursday, 7 February 2013


Today product review is one those find for me at least that makes me goes “I would like to do a product review on this”

The "Palmer HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treatment"

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament packaging

When I first eyed this product I was on a hunt for hair treatment which would be a good hair leave in conditioner and a product which would kind of speed up the process of growing my hair out *although I knew that product do not make hair grow faster.

Here are some of mine hair basic detail so that you can compare this with yourself:
I have not too thin or thick hair they are right in the middle, they have a wave to them with the slightest curl mostly wavy.

Lets start with the product Review:

1)      Packaging- Comes in a nice good quality plastic container, sturdy and non-breakable…

2)      Amount you get – 100g NET WT 3.5oz

3)      Price-I got this from my local mart in UAE for 27.5/28 dhrm.

4)      What the Product Claim- Palmer’s Hair success Gro Treatment with Vitamin E PROTEIN coats and protects the hair shaft, prevents breakage and allows hair to grow longer. Conditions and moisturizes dry scalp."

5)      What it looks like? A peachy/milky orange color, in a cream form- when rubbed together turns in to oil and it has these minor little beads which you can feel and see sometimes when rubbed together but they dissolve in to the oil….

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament -what the inside looks like

6)      Smell? Horrible-and I can’t even describe the smell but it’s nothing close to fruits or flower-and I think that some of you would just not like this because of it smell…even though if you like this product this is one aspect that can put you OFF!

7)      How it is supposed to be applied- DAILY: apply a small amount to hair. Do not rinse
                                                WEEKLY: apply to clean hair.Wrap in hot towel or shower cap and                               leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse well.

8)      How I use it: Now this product is very thick and creamy so I don’t actually use is  on my scalp. I take a small amount rub it in my hand to spread the product evenly and start with my end and work my way up then whatever is left goes to my scalp.

9)      Amount you need- A little goes a very long way. You just don’t want to use too much of this as it can make your hair look greasy and 2nd to 3rd day looking and no one wants that.
The amount you see in the picture below is the good for my whole head 
(I have almost long hair almost there almost there…..getting to my goal hehe)
and if you need more you can just apply more.

PALMER'S HAIR SUCCESS Gro Treament  consistency

10)  Does the product do what it claims? This product did help my hair to grow - it may seem weird but it did.

didn't notice the difference at first but my hair shafts near the neck never use to grow (like baby hair –but on the back.) While using this product they grew to the level I notice, and this made me like this product.
Also the product makes my hair soft making them break less. And last but not least it revamps my hair bringing their shape back; defrizz the hair making them look polished with no extra effort.

11)  Things I don’t like about this product: You have to be very careful with Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment as it could make your hair look greasy (Don’t use it as a conditioner or a deep conditioner it won’t come of easily is you use too much)
The smell… ….I can’t describe the smell but it not pleasant or something you would like….at first to me it smelled like bitter almond ....but now I don’t it might smell like chemical but I am not sure,but whenever I use to put it it made me remind of bitter almond ekkk….

12)  Who would I recommend this to? Anyone with thin hair or medium thin hair….please stay away from this….it won’t work.

That’s all I have to say about The Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment …..

Hope you all found this review helpful I know it long but I wanted to share the things that I could think of.

If you have any question regarding this product please let me know and I’ll try to answer as best as I can ,or if you have any feedback please share  I really want to know your thoughts and if you have tried this product for yourself did it work for you or not what you take ???

Till then take care


Good Bye…

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