Sunday, 10 February 2013

VALENTINE NAIL ART :Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure :)

Hi you guys…..hope you all are doing well and enjoying this year to the fullest.

Today I am so excited to bring you some easy to do Valentine Nail Art….
It’s simple, cute and very valentine like.…..

Hope you like this design and try it out. 

So lets get started with this design:

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure

Things you’ll need:

Things you'll need

1)      Base Coat

2)      Bubblegum colour nail polish – for the base colour

3)      White nail polish - for the half-moon tip

4)      Stencil with the half -moon shape

5)      Toothpick

6)      Top coat- for that finish touch.

 Lets start with the process shall we?

1)      Paint your base coat first.

2)      Paint your nail the bubblegum pink or any pink you like…

Bubblegum color nail polish

3)      Get your stencil and try to put it right in the middle of your nail.

Nail stencil in the middle of the nail

4)      Paint on white nail polish on the tip and remove after few seconds:)

White tip

Remove the nail stencil from the middle

5)      Get your toothpick ready and make 5 little dot on the edge the white line-you can see in the diagram below 

Put 3 dots starting from edge but leave space ( I don’t think I am explaining this right am I?) - 
put alternating dots like in the picture below 
 hoping you understand by what I mean….

Nail Pattern

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -close up

6)      Repeat the the design on all the nails & finish  off with the clear top coat and 
you are done….

Your cute easy to do Valentine Inspired Nail Art Manicure is complete…

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -Nail Art photograph

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure -different angle picture

Half Moon Polka Dot Manicure picture

Hope you would try this on…..

If you try this design out please send me a picture through twitter or Facebook or Pinterest….i would love to see your take on this design.

Till then take care and stay tune for some more fun nail art in the very near future for the 
Valentine Theme….

….now me off to take this nail art off….and try to create some other nail art and hopefully share it with you all…..


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