Monday, 24 December 2012

Holiday Nail Art Part 2-Christmas Tree Inspired:)

Here is another super easy to create Nail Art design for you all.

In this nail art I attempted to make Christmas trees that are easy to create and look intricate and unique.
I was very well happy with how it came out to be and wanted to share it with you, so here we go.

Step 1

Paint your nail with 2 coats of solid red colour.

rPaint the nail red color

Step 2

Start taping your finger ; just like the image below.

Create a tree like shape with tape on the nail

a) First put two tape on the side forming a triangle in the middle of your nail.

b)Then cut small line from your tape and place them across the triangle that you created leaving some space in between.

Step 3

Paint your finger with silver nail polish or any other combo you want .
Then peel off the tape after few seconds, but don't let it dry.

Paint on with a silver nail polish

After that Let the design dry off and finish off with a clear top coat.

And there you have your Christmas tree nail Art.

Super Easy yet Festive & Sparkly.

Remove the tape,apply top coat

 ……Hope you all have a lovely Holiday 

And enjoyed this design of mine and give it a try 
Share your recreation with me on my twitter  or on my facebook page 

Take Care.

see ya later....

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