Monday, 30 December 2013

Nail Art |How to: New Year Eve 2014 Inspired

Hello there you all, how are you doing ? 

I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas holidaysss......

With New Year just around on the top of our head, like seriously where did this year go ? I thought to come up with a quick easy to do Nail Art and share it with you awesome people.

This Nail Art was inspired by all the sparkly, glittery, silver and gold eye make up look I have been seen all over the Youtube Community. 

gold and silver glitter nail art

So are you ready to rock the sparkle this New Year Eve and show off our inner shine through our outfit, makeup looks and of course Nails.....who can forget nails I know I can't :) 

Keep on reading if you want to know how I got these amazing Nail Ready for the New Year Eve.
 I promise its super duper easy.You know I love easy doing Nail Art. No fancy Nail Art Skills Required.

Nail Polishes and tools that you will need : 

1. Shimmery translucent nail polish something like this : 

Medora Nail polish 334 picture

2. Silver Nail Polish 

Dazz Matazza Nail Polish in silver orchid

3.Gold Glitter Nail Polish, chunky glitter required

Medora Gold Glitter Nail Polish  379 picture

4. Silver Glitter Nail Polish with chunky glitter and stars / or you can add stones 

Medora Chunky Glitter polish in 429

Medora 429 nail polish close up picture

5. Match stick / Toothpick to pick up the stars or stones.

Match Stick

How To :

Paint you base color the shimmer translucent color for the soft gradient look we will create.

shimmery base color for nail art

Then take your silver nail polish and dab it on the tip of your nail for the gradient and extra shimmer look. For the ring finger cover the whole nail with silver polish.
You want to dab the polish on to create extra texture effect to make it look more sparkly and shimmery.

Dabbing silver polish on the finger tips

Finish result for the silver gradient for the polish

After that take you chunky gold glitter polish and add that to your silver tips be gentle with this step as you don't want too much gold glitter but just tiny bits, to add more dimension.

Apply gold glitter to the finger tips

Finish look for the gold tips

And last but not the least add tons of stars on you ring finger, for the accent .

Applying star to the ring finger

the ring finger after applying stars

Top off with a top coat to merge everything in and seal in the stars.

Finish result for the Nail Art

And now you are done. Super fast and easy to do, right ?!?

Brace your within sparkle on your Nail and enjoy the New Year 2014 with grace :)

I hope this New Year make all your wishes come true and may you reach you dream :) and your 
New Year Resolutions

Let me know what you thought about this post :) want more Mani ? let me the comment box below and share one of your New Year Resolutions I surely will be sharing mine very soon ;D 

Till then lots of love,


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Friday, 27 December 2013

Fashion | Haul + Review : Mall Of Style

Hi there you sweet little people, how are you doing these days ? 

Winter is here and let me tell you it literally taking a toll on me :( its so so cold......
Anyway leaving the cold behind today post is all about Jewelry weehheeee.....

Are you looking for holiday/birthday/anniversary or etc gift that is affordable yet durable then keep on reading my friends I have a good post for you all today.

Fairly a month ago I was contacted by the Mall Of Style to check their website out and maybe do a  post for them on my blog, 

FYI, I am not a online shopper by any mean and actually am quite scared to do online shopping, I always have this feeling that whatever the website display on their online store they quality might not be up to the par.
 I rather see the product in person first and then buy it.

You get what I mean to say ?

But this time for the sake of being a beauty/fashion blogger I wanted to be daring and try online shopping for once and share my experience with you all, if it went well then very well done.

Now Mall of Style have so many things to chose from that seriously I was confused in what to buy and what to leave, took me quite few days to select my picks as they have amazing selection of jewelry.

 Anyway after a lot of debate in my head I selected these few goodies.

Unfortunately, the jewelry that I purchased are now out of stock :( but Mall Of Style have more jewels to chose from so don't get disappointed, you will surely find something for your taste. 

I ordered my package on 19th of November and received my package on 9 December, which was quite on time as I live in Pakistan and Mall of Style informed me before hand that their international shipping take about 15-20 working days and I got my package within the time limit so I was a content with their shipping .
If you want to you can find more information about their shipping by clicking right on their - Shipping and Return Page.

 My experience with my Mall of Style :

My package came in brown paper bag with the bubble wrap on the inside, pretty simple and basic.

The jewelry pieces came in a small single square silver sturdy box with an intricate criss cross design on the box .
Will be keeping this box to store up my jewelry.

The Sparkling Goodies ♥

All of the jewelry pieces came in separate transparent plastic baggy , keeping everything separated and not tangle up

The finish to the Mall of Style jewelry is realy nice good quality and doesn't feel cheap at all.
The stones have a beautiful shine and make the jewelry look a lot more expensive than they are.
And the stones are locked in their place.

The price range for the Mall of Style jewelry is really affordable which I really appreciate .

Below you can see all the things Mall Of Style website include and their description :

Trendy Fashion Earrings Trendy Fashion Earrings in hoops, tassels, studs, drop, chandelier, clip on and more. Made in pearls, gold/silver plating, austrian crystals, cubic zirconium or rhinestones. Giving the perfect look for wedding, business or a casual date.

Bracelets for Women 
Bracelets for Women made in natural resin, austrian crystals, animal print, leather, charms, beads giving an ethnic, vintage, retro, trendy look for causal or business.

Jewelry Sets 
Jewelry Sets in Stellux Austrian Crystal, Murano, Pearls, Silver Plating, Gold Plating & more. Trendy Fashion Jewelry Sets for Wedding, Party, Business & Casual wear. Shop jewelry set designs difficult to resist.

Necklaces for Women 
Necklaces for women that would bring neckline stares. Trendy Fashion Jewelry in Collar necklace, Statement necklace, Bib necklace & Choker necklace style. Shop from our most popular Open Heart necklace, Anchor necklace, Owl necklace, Clover necklace & Mustache necklace.

Fashion Accessories 
Fashion Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe! The right accessory can turn a dull outfit, glam & fab! Accessorize yourself with trendy fashion accessories and bring in some style & zing with our fashion accessories.


Jewelry Brands  that includes :  

I have to mention that all the branded pieces are just so stunning at just the first glance, really pretty :) quite of them are on sale and even if they are not they are really at a good price point :) Must have a look my dear must have a look :) 

Now Let's see what I got and with pictures, of course :D

I always wanted these kind of Gothic Hand Skeletons Earrings they always interested me in so when I found these on Mall of Style website at a good reasonable price I knew I had to pick these out .

These earring have bronze gold -rustic style to them which make these look incredibly gorgeous and edgy looking and old looking.
This piece is actually bigger than I thought they would be and I expected them to be the least in quality.
 But gladly they are just the way I wished them to be.

High Quality and Well Made.

So glad to have them in my collection now.

I wore them out and they look amazing on, I got many compliments so that means something :)

My mom didn't liked these at first when I showed her them online -not really her style - but now that she has seen them in person , these are her 2nd favorite piece from the bunch :)

 I got the Gold Wing Earrings and I don't think I need to explain why I got these,

The stones in these earring shine just like zircon stone which is close to diamond shine, pretty nifty at such neat price.

Gold Wing Earrings would add the absolute bliss to any boring outfit without any effort.
 Just put them on and BAM you are done.
 The another thing about these are that they have a reasonable weight to them but are light at the same time, would not make your ears pulls- I hate when earring do that .

Last but not the least I purchased this Long chained 'Zebra Animal Print Pendant' which is to die for.

The shine in this pendent is AMAZING.
 I can't even explain, can't even :).
I am not an animal trend lover but this is absolute gorge.
This would be my mother most favorite piece- she loves loves loves it.
It's so eye catching.

Now that complete my purchase but then sweetly enough Mall of Style sent me the lovely
was not expecting this at all .

Thank you Mall of Style, for the Best of Luck :) you sent me through this piece .

Yet again I love this piece .

 The red is just the perfect red not too bright nor too dull. The stone sparkle like again zircon stone which is close to diamond shine and I love the chain on this its so delicate and light .
 Another thing I love about this piece that it hits at the right place, not too low nor too high around the neckline .

Luckily you can get this piece still available on their website :) and in many other color not just red.

 I showed this piece to my grandmother and she loves it so much she want it too and my grandma is really into simple fashion so if she want this and I want this its a all age around jewelry piece .
Give it to anyone and they will love it. 

All in all  Mall of Style jewelry pieces are that they trendy yet timeless at the same time.
 They really amp up any outfit and make any boring outfit to something special and unique.
Their jewelry range they is endless and are perfect for gifts that you may want to give to someone special.

On the bonus the price range is incredibly awesome and it doesn't change the quality of the product, which I truly appreciate.

Do you adore jewelry or have a friend who does?
Try Mall of Style you surely won't be disappointed, I know I wasn't.

Now as Mall of Style are so kind and lovely they gave me a special discount for me to give my lovely followers.
How exciting.

Just enter the code : AMNA on your checkout and get 40 % off  your purchase :)
Now its that something something :)

Thank you Mall of Style for this lovely deal.

 Shop on Mall of Style

And that is about it you guys, I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed featuring
 in my world and share it with you guys :)

Let me know in the comment below which piece you like the best from the Mall of Style website .
Love reading your comments sweet peas:)

Till then Lots of Love from your one and only Amna :)


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Beauty || Its HAUL TIME !

beauty product pictures

I have been waiting for my lights for ever and ever and ever to get arranged so I could start with my blog
I just got my self a bulb holder from my local store to just have some sort of light just for these few days....After playing with different angle I somewhat manage to get decent photos so I couldn't wait any longer to share these goodies I bought many many days ago now.
Some of these product have been tried and tested so slowly and gradually reviews will be popping up soon on here.
So keep you eyes peeled, if you want to see any specific product review first let me know in the comment section below.

Now on with my FIRST EVER BEAUTY HAUL.....
I did my tiny miny haul many many months ago..... it was a One Shoe Haul .
But today I have quite a few things to share with you all, so let's get this party started :D

The first thing I picked up was the Dove Silky Body Nourishing Cream, approx Rs 350.

Then these beauties from 'Medora' caught my eye and I was in awe....these seem so beautiful and just right for my hopefully future Nail Art I have been planning out for you guys so I couldn't pass them on.
 Just look at them, arnt they prettyyy ....!?!
Rs.100 each
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT :429, 334, 379 
The 429 has a base of silver with chunks of small and big multi colored glitter with tiny multi colored stars.
The 334 is a shiny glossy and shimmer silver whitish color, its just looks like snow on the nail when applied.
379 has a gold base with lots of glitters which is beautiful for any occasion. 

Then I got the lip pencil from Rivaj in the shade Spice.
Its more of my lip color but darker, perfect for lip definition.

Then from Medora I found this lipstick in the color Viva Glam -235 from their Matte Collection,
 Rs 100.

Then sticking with the theme of lips I found this lipgloss from the brand p+cos Professional, Rs 100
I have never heard of this brand before but I loved the color and the packaging so I went ahead ,got it to try it for myself .

First time getting myself some natural looking lashes.....from Kryolan 'TV 5' , Rs.100

With these eyelashes I went ahead and got myself some Glamorous Face eyelash glue Rs.100, well needed as the eyelashes didn't come with any glue.

My mascara was totally dried out so I picked up some Sweet Touch
Water Resistance Lengthening Mascara. 

Got myself Castor Oil , Rs.24

Last but not the least I got Calabond WDM English Synthetic Glue , Rs.50. 
I know what you are thinking : I tried out this glue as a blackhead pore strip and it worked wonders hence me including this in a beauty haul. :D 

And that concludes my Beauty Haul.

Hope you enjoy this post . 

I'll see you all very very very soon.....

Love Amna.



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