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Review :Genny High Fashion Cosmetics Nail Polish

Another day another nail polish review from my side but what can I do?
I just love nail polish in general & if I had the money I would have the entire nail color collection at my home and just paint off my nail all the time.

Oh well ...let start with this Nail Polish Review .

Today nail polish is from a brand Genny-High Fashion Cosmetics, I never heard about this brand from any other beauty gurus so why not mention something that is worthy of a notice in my opinion  :)

Packaging of Genny Nail Polsih

I bought this nail polish while I was on my hunt for the perfect baby pink/pastel color polish which i found actually & you want you can check out my review on that nail polish right here :

But while I was looking around here and there this glittery fabulous nail color caught my eye. 

I got Genny Nail Polish in the color 510, the nail polish consist of maroon/red,silver glitter in it -which are all of my favorite. 

The opacity of this nail polish is cray cray you just need 1 coat of this and BAM there you have it million of shinning stars on your nails.

The below picture to be honest doesn't even do justice to the shine and sparkle this nail polish provides.
Its remarkable,I feel like a fairy dust when I have this on my toes and fingers so so pretty to look at. A total attention grabber to be honest.

close up picture on the nail polish glitter in the sunlight
With the sunlight beaming on my nails
The time Genny-High Fashion Cosmetics Nail Polish takes to dry is 10 min to the max that is and after that its all set.

The Lasting day -goes to 3 day but if you want to stretch it it can go up to 5 days.

Close up on the nail polish without the sunlight
In the daylight

The good thing about the Genny Nail Polish is that the removal process of this polish is quite fast ,compare to other glitter nail polish that I have tried. 

You don't need to scrub away your nails for hours to remove the polish, as we all glitter polish lover knows how much of a hassle it takes to get the glitter off your nails.

And that is about it you guys for this polish.......

Now the question is ...

Would I Recommend Genny-High Fashion Cosmetics Nail Polish to anyone ??? Hell double triple YES...

I truly love this nail polish and am so very interested to try out different colors from this brand also try other products from them too.

You tell me have you tried or ever heard of this brand ? 
Or is it new to too as it was for me?

Let me know in the comment below , you know I read them and  also respond....

If you like these kind of reviews on different product ,let me know so that i know i am on the right track you guys...

Till then 
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and I'll see you all

21.June.2013 yep setting myself for another date....hehehe...this make me remember when i have to post my next blog post 
Trying to be consistence you see...;)

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