Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB- SPF 50

Heyllo you all,how are you all doing today? Hope fancy shamcy :) ...

Today I have a  Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB review for you all that I wanted to do since joining the blogger community.

In the beginning of watching YouTube videos I also got introduce to the very lovely Sunscreen-

I never knew how much damage can sun cause our skin and how much important role sun block play in protecting our skin.

So when I got all the information I ran to my nearest market and grab a Sun screen with the highest SPF that was available. 

For beginning I didn't research before buying this product I didn't know any better really

The Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB-SPF50 -water resistant' claims to be ; Fragrance Free
                                                                             Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

 Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB Packaging

Before starting-Please take this review of mine with the grain of salt as i am only telling my experience with this product if this works for you then
great I wish I could say the same:(

Lets start off with the con as there are alot more of them then the pros ekk....

The very first problem I have with  Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB is that its not non greasy.

I have oily/acne prone skin and this product make me super oily even if I apply the littlest amount of it .

The first time I applied this product I was a bit generous with it and after the application I looked like greasy ball or I might add a disco ball or a butter stick.
Seeing myself in the mirror like that I got a bit panicky ,washed my face right after the next second.

The second day I tried this product fearfully & carefully ,a pea size amount still gave the same shiny result but a little mild tone.
To combat the shine I applied a Baby powder to my skin and it was all better than before.The powder really muted the shine and I was up and away for 
my routine day at school.

I used this product for a week then the same technique pea size amount of product and baby powder.

But low and behold I started noticing that my skin wasn't feeling good anymore and was getting irritated now which is not very pleasant as we all know
and the I started to break out. And that was it from my side.

Then thirdly this is not fragrance free, and has a very strong sun screen smell to it which i am not a fan of.

Fourth con of this product is that well this might disgust some of you and if this happens with other sunscreen please let me know so i know its not this product 
fault but if it doesnt then it should be totally pointed out.In my Opinion it should so here am I mentioning it.

The Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB gets clogged up and by clogged up I mean
get around the nozzle and get in this awful gooey consistency and that is even without using it so if you use it of course it will get all over the bottle opening 
and its just not pretty to use. 

You can see in the picture below what I mean to say and this is after 2 month of not using it- I really don't know how it gets all over the place.
 Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB clogged up opening

So first you have to clean the product that is stuck around the bottle opening and then use it.

Who in the world has time for that...Not me or anyone actually.

Seriously the experience with this Sun Screen has scared me away from using sun block.

But that could be just this one . I have never used any other sun screen so I cant really compare this with anything but truly and honestly if all sunscreen are                                                                              
like this than I am not happy bird at all. 
 Banana Boat Sun Protection UVA & UVB opening clogged up different camera angle

I still use this from time to time as i don't like wasting my money but as soon as I come home this gets off my face right away.

I do feel bad giving bad review about a product but I needed to share this with you guys....

The only thing I can say good about the Banana Boat product will be -the cute squeezy tube packaging as you don't really waste any product in here and then it protects  from the sun . 

And that is all my dear friends.

Hope you found this review helpful and informative.

See you all soon .

Till then take care

Love you all 

PS. dont forget to let me know in the comment below if the clogged up thing this products does- did this ever happened to you too....???

Dont you dare to forget to Share this.....Now me really off bye:)


  1. Thanks for the information. I just got back from a weekend at the beach and my kids got pretty bad sunburn after multiple applications of lotion. So, I've been researching different methods of sun protection and sunscreen for kids online. They are very fair skinned, so it's always a battle to protect them from sunburn.

    1. Hmmmm try adding tomatoes or raw tomatoes in your kids diet :) I have heard that tomatoes make sunburn happen a lot less.Try it, it may help your kids too:)
      Thank you for taking your time and visiting me blog :)
      Hope you come back for more

  2. this could actually be a knock off. they sell them here in Pakistan, I've heard.


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