Monday, 5 November 2012

DIY-Arm Candy Holder

Today post is DIY idea that was in my head for so long but because of my lazy attitude it took me a while to get along with it.

 Being a jewelry lover that I am; my love for arm candy is even built up more than it used to be, they are just effortless. Simple ways to add a little flavor to your appearance, put on a simple bracelet/arm candy, stacks them all together or just embrace one bold statement piece.
In one word they are very versatile.

This love that I have manage to prolong has made me gather load of bracelet, bangles or arm candy whatever you may want to call it, but it made me make my own bangle/arm candy  holder which I am I proud of and want to flaunt it; so if you even want to know how to make this arm candy holder then keep on reading.

For this D.I.Y you’ll need:

1.   A thread holder i.e. that is cover with thread ( I don’t know the proper name for it but here you can see in the pic below by what I mean)

thread middle section-after the thread is finished

2.      Asoft cardboard paper…i.e. easily foldable and hard enough to be stable like you can use a cornflakes box, tissue paper box whatever you may find in your home or get the cheap cardboard paper whatever suits you the best.

cardboard piece of paper

3.      Acrylic paints-color of your choice 

Acrylic Paint

4.     and a Paint brush(of your choice -whatever you can find...but on the thicker side would be better -you can see the difference in the below picture)

painting on the thread middle section
Paint brush

That’s about it now let get to the 

Process shall we?!?!

1.      Get your thread holder and soft cardboard paper ready and paint them on with your  chosen color…..the first coat doesn't have to be perfect just cover the whole thing up,let it dry and then apply the second coat to give a flawless application .I promise no matter how wacked it look with the first coat , the second coat will do the trick .....see for yourself.

1rst coat of paint on cardboard
First Coat of Paint 
2nd coat of paint on the cardboard
Second Coat of Paint 

finish paint product
The Finish Paint Product

2.       After the paint dries completely, place 1 or 2 bangle on the soft cardboard to get the perfect fit so that you can easily secure it with a tape.
Securing the cardboard with tape
Secure with Tape
   Like so...          

securing the cardboard with tape

3.      Now place the soft cardboard on the painted thread holder piece thingy…..

Place the bracelet on the cardboard and the thread middle section

4.      Stack your bracelet/arm candies in your preferred order.

Stacking up the bracelet one by one

And there you have it, you are finish with your own handmade simple easy to do yet beautiful Arm candy holder. 

DIY-Arm Candy Holder finish product

Now play with the color make variety of them and no need to worry on how to store your favorite arm candy and show them off while they sit on your dresser :)

I made two of them and they just make my dresser cleaner and spunky looking...


Hope you all found this helpful.

Try it out and tell me how did it go?? and post your DIY bangle holder/Arm candy holder  ...
I would love to see them

Till then take care everyone...

Talk to you all very soon :):):)


  1. This is such a great and creative idea darling! Love it! :))


    1. Thanks you Darling....:)
      Please Follow to get the new DIY that is shortly coming very very soon....:)
      Take care...


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