Thursday, 30 August 2012

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Benefits for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Are you looking to find a product that is cheap that would benefit your pretty eyelashes and eyebrows then you are at a right place buddy !!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the bomb just for healthy eyelashes and eyebrows -trust me, its a well tried one. 
With applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your lashes and on your brows you are not far from getting  fuller, longer, healthier looking eyelashes and eyebrows  

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

 Since I have grown up my eyelashes seemed to be not at their best and as I use waterproof mascara it just makes things a lot harder  ,as its difficult to remove than a non waterproof mascara *I use -"Nivea beaute Extreme Resist Volume & 24h hold"- *

Plus as we grow up our body changes and while we care about other physical beauty inside and out .But unintentionally we somehow ignore our lashes which opens our eyes up  and brows which frames our  face so why ignore them and not give them the attention they need :)

Let's begin with the Benefits of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly For our eye area then without me just rambling on and on....

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Benefit number 1: 

                           A great eye makeup remover , many people suggest olive oil to remove your eye makeup but I do not know why olive oil just burns my eye like hell and it just doesn’t do the work for removing my eye makeup that well for me.

 So one day out of a whim  I tried out Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as my mother uses it too to remove her eye makeup so I thought why not try it out and I am glad that I did.
 No eye tugging or pulling simply apply small amount of  Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your eye lashes and brows ,massage on few minutes and then with a tissue paper swipe that bad boy off gently and that is about it .
You will find that you any waterproof hard to remove makeup will get off with what so ever no efforts at all. 

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Benefit number 2 :

                              Longer, healthy, thicker looking lashes,within a week of applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly I should say I started seeing difference which was surprising to me as I didn't expect my lashes and brows to start looking longer by any means.
 Actually my lower lashes *informed* me of them being longer and a tinny winy bit thicker, and that was enough for me to be sure that the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was actually growing my lashes out!……
and since then I have started with a routine to sleep with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on and my eyelashes just keep getting softer, healthier, longer, thicker and the same goes for my eyebrows even they are getting  thicker 
 (but hey just an FYI -my brows were never bad to begin with- thanks to my mom she never let me over pluck them even though I wanted to- but she never allowed me) . 

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Benefit number 3 : 

                               Make the mascara seem to go on a lot better too, as the lashes are in a good flexible condition which make the application smoother.
 Another trick that learnt and that I want to share is  first to curl your lashes, then put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with a cotton swab or a clean mascara wand.
The reason to curl them and then put on Petroleum Jelly is because it will make the eyelashes a bit flexible and it kind of train the lashes to to go up and hopefully in some period of time the lashes won’t be stick straight. 
. finger crossed.

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Benefit number 4 :

                               Don't feel like putting any makeup on what so ever? just curl your lashes and apply Vaseline with a cotton swab or a mascara wand and get thicker looking lashes and this also will prevent you little flirty lashes from getting dry and brittle :)

That is about it you all. Hope you all fall in love with these tricks like I did and benefit from them too.

 Let me know your opinion, give me your input and any of your tips -I would love to hear your opinion. 

 Till then take care everyone. 

 I’ll see you all very soon.

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 Bye now.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

ASQgenerates First Post !

 I do not how to start this whole ‘new’ journey I am planning on doing for my future  FOREVER I( hope).

 But here we go anyway with and see where it takes me. 
As I have learnt it’s better to try then to regret it later in life.

In my previous year I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos all day everyday…especially the beauty video. They are just so addictive to watch*really* and must I include -amusing - entertaining -exciting and most importantly informative.

They suck you right in and when you look outside your window….bam…its MIDNIGHT: 0

Can I say I am obsessed!?!?

In my teen year I was never in to make up, fashion or hair-my mom did all that work for me…and still do that sometimes when I am in the bad day mod. (She is more in to grooming than me……she just love Fashion and everything about it.)

Now my purpose on here…you may ask……I love to talk in general and then I love to talk about beauty, fashion and life.
 I can go on and on and on about one thing and cannot stop.

It’s bad. :0

So I had an idea to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys for my *growing* love for makeup, fashion, and much much more.

I hope you enjoy reading my article and get to learn and take something from it each time you read it……

I am going to stop right here…and if you have read the whole thing ….I love you ….thank you so much. Hope I didn't scare you away with the enormous life history of mine….and you stay tune for upcoming  post.

Take care everybody.

Talk to you all very soon.

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