Tuesday, 20 September 2016

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This post has been lingering in my head for such a long time. It’s just that I didn't know how to get it started. 
So today I am just going to wing it and hopefully in the end it will start to add up and make sense to me and to you.

Here to being Hopeful.

It’s been over a year since I haven't written anything on my blog and I have been in a place where I lack passion,ambition and concentration in everything and anything (I have been studying, don’t get me wrong- but it’s not the quality I demand from myself, in short I am not happy with my effort AND myself)

Trust me; it’s not the ideal place to be at.

It always come to a point where I try to do something or anything and then think to myself 
'what’s the point?' 'what’s the point?' &'what’s the point?'

Has that ever happened to you? 
Or am I just the only one?

I had this thought that everyone share their good experience and share their celebration but what about the dark parts and places? 

I have seen many courageous people share what they have experienced in their past good and bad but what about sharing them when you are in them - at the present. 

What about those times, when you are in them?

Struggling and judging yourself to the maximum.
Why don’t we share those days? 
Is it because we are scared? 
Because we don’t want to be vulnerable?
We don’t want other to think or see us as weak? 
Or we don't want to be that person who failed...

It’s a very scary place when it comes to finding yourself losing slowly in to nothing.
It’s a slow process and it’s a scary one. In your mind you know you are becoming into nothing.

When you try to do something and it’s just isn’t fun anymore or you want to do something but your mind and body aren’t with you. 
It gets hard.
Every day you have to make yourself understand on the things you are capable of doing so much more but still you just don’t want to do them or simply don’t have the energy to do it.

My purpose for writing this post is solely to get back on track, do things I use to do and use to enjoy them and not to expect anything from them rather just to stay active and sound.

Do simple things and not get caught in making life complicated.

& share, share the days that are good and bad.
It might be a one line post or a freaking long novel.
It doesn’t matter.
As long as it is something.

The one thing I do long from these posts would be to encourage anyone who is having a hard day, hard week or hard life to get up and start doing anything that they have in their mind. & to NOT think too much into it and just to do it.

Believe me while I started writing this post two hour ago all I wanted to do was to curl up and sleep, and I have been doing nothing since morning.
I really had to push myself, so if I can do it being this lazy you can do it too.

My next post will be on the things I think I will do to get started with my healthy, sound, active lifestyle.
To get quality back in my life.
Maybe that might spark some inspiration in your soul too.

& please note this is a sympathy post or to get pitied at I just wanted to get this post out there and help myself and anyone else along the road of their bottom .

 Quotation that really spoke up to me, might help you too :)

Every great adventure starts somewhere.

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

Live in the now and let the future open.

The best day.

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow.

Thanks Google for letting me borrow these amazing quotation from you :) 
Well appreciated.

Thank you 

Take care 

Lots of Love 


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